Top Best Football Helmets 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best football helmets for your football game? Then you are at the right place. Here we listed the top best football helmets for you that help you to save your face in-game. Helmets are harmful in-game. They have many features that help us in-game.

best football helmets

If you do not wear a football helmet in-game, then you can damage your face. They protect you from football and light. When you wear a football helmet, light does not reflect in your eyes because they stop them. Some time ball hits on your face, so the helmet also protects you from it.

Football helmets are essential for the game to choose the best football helmet 2021 from this article. We will also define the pros and cons of football helmets that help you to choose the best. You read our guide correctly to choose the best youth football helmet for your game.

Top best football helmets: Reviews

Here we listed the top best football helmets for you to choose from. These helmets are relatively inexpensive, so you can easily purchase them. Choose the top helmets that you like and that perform well. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top-rated youth football helmets. If you read our advice, it will also assist you in selecting the best football helmet for your needs.

1. Best protection helmet: Schutt Sports Varsity AiR XP Pro VTD II Football Helmet

Best protection helmet: Schutt Sports Varsity AiR XP Pro VTD II Football Helmet
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Football players prefer the Schutt Sports Varsity AiR helmet since it is a 5-star standard Virginia Tech helmet. It provides a wide range of safety features on the field. These football helmets use technological advances. The quality is excellent. As a result, they have a speedy and slender curving profile. The SUREFIT air liner enables players of all sizes with additional support, comfort, and a perfect fit.

The helmet also comes with an SC4 strong chinstrap and jaw pads mounted to the case. It provides extra support and can be adjusted to fit different head sizes. If you want a protection plate, you can buy one and connect it to a flexure system-equipped soccer helmet.

I hope you like this football helmet and buy it for your game. It has many features that we tell you here. You read these features correctly, then buy this helmet.


  • lightweight
  • comfortable for player
  • good impact absorption


  • This helmet is without a facemask.

2. Best facemask helmet: Schutt Sports Youth AiR Standard V Football Helmet

Best facemask helmet Schutt Sports Youth AiR Standard V Football Helmet
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While it may resemble your previous football helmet, the Schutt Sports Youth Air XP Pro Helmet is a step up in quality. If you take a closer look, it’s one of the best football helmets on the market today. We believe this could be the most excellent helmet for your sportsman regarding comfort and protection.

Its TPU cushioning is used in the Schutt AiR XP Pro. Its TPU cushioned has also resulted in a significant reduction in headgear’s total weight. It also has SUREFIT AiR liner technology, which is the latest in helmet liner technology. It provides the user with softness and comfort.

The Schutt’s AiR XP Pro helmet stands out from the rest because it comes with an EVA-soft nose bumper cushion. If you’re looking for a little extra assistance, this is the one for you. I hope you like this football helmet because it has many features. This helmet is good than other helmets. You buy it on your excellent game and become a good player.


  • lightweight
  • the best performance in the market
  • various colors and sizes are available
  • this helmet has a facemask


  • this helmet has a thin inner cushion

3. Best performance helmet: Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet

Best performance helmet: Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet
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As a result, the Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet comes out on top. Polycarbonate shells are more robust and broader than the previous ones Schutt offered. All Schutt varsity helmets use this technology. While the helmet’s outside shell is crucial, it should examine its padding as well.

It is cushioned inside for stress absorption and additional head protection. The Schütz Sports Vengeance VTD II offers a wide range of cushioning options. In addition to the jaws link pads, this helmet offers TPU padding. The Vengeance VTD II has lined with a soft material that hugs their skull to keep users relaxed while wearing it.

This feature equally distributes pressure and weight, lowering force by a significant amount. I hope you like this helmet and buy it for your football game. It is the best football helmet in this guide. You can buy it easily when you read our guide.


  • comfortable for player
  • great protection
  • it has durable and lightweight
  • available in many colors


  • this helmet is without a facemask

4. Best youth helmet: Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet

Best youth helmet: Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet
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As a quarterback, you’ll need to protect yourself from impact and tackles. The Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet protects your head and face. This top-rated helmet’s durability, luxury, and protective clothing are all features, making it a wise pick.

It has a durable ABS exterior shell and foam padding on the inside. It has available in the best colors. You can use this helmet in training. Riddell’s patented Small Overlap Protection System reduces impacts and blows to the sides of the face. A flexible system reduces impact forces on shell, headgear, and clip, whereas a rigid system reduces impact forces.

 Using the Ratchet-Loc Locking System, you can wear and change the chin harness on the fly, saving you time and money. I hope you like this helmet and buy it for your training. This helmet is designed for training.


  • best performance
  • lightweight
  • durable
  • Air Fit Liner System
  • with facemask


  • not good size

5. Best adult helmet: F7 Schutt Adult Football Helmet

Best adult helmet: F7 Schutt Adult Football Helmet
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Looking for a concussion-proof football helmet? Check out the F7 Schutt Adult Football Helmet. Knowing that this helmet will cost a lot of money. You can also rely on it to defend your head in the event of a violent impact. For the first time in the history of Virginia Tech’s SAO Ranking System, this F7 Schutt Adult Football Helmet has ranked in the top by far.

Schutt F7 offers all the safety and protection features you need. It has high performance and is lightweight, so you can feel better when wearing this helmet. This helmet has a good size that fits easily on your head.

In addition, the TPU Cushion and the HSS Torsion Gasket are responsible for this. It improves the helmet’s friction resistance and moisture absorption. So, a football player may watch the third game without worrying about discomfort and decreased vision due to sweating.


  • good protection
  • best cushioning
  • well built
  • lightweight


  • high price

6. Best football helmet: Schutt NCAA Notre Dame Fighting Football Helmet

Best football helmet: Schutt NCAA Notre Dame Fighting Football Helmet
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With this authentic Schutt XP College Football Helmet, you can show your support for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Your new Notre Dame Football helmet is identical to the one used on the court and is the perfect present for true sports lovers.

Again, this ornamental football helmet is excellent for both football fans and collectors. It has the best color that looks great in-game. You can use this helmet in training. This helmet protects you from football while in-game.

Featuring more than 120 teams in an array of colors, the Schutt NCAA model is guaranteed to include your local and favorite clubs. Even the interior TPU cushion has meant to look like one worn on the pitch. I think this is one of the most excellent authentic football helmets on the market. I hope you like this football helmet because it is the best and cheap.


  • real metal facemask
  • good size
  • best performance
  • Available at all prices.


  • high weight

Do things consider when you are buying the best football helmet?

You can improve your performance on the field by wearing a high-quality football helmet. So we are here to guide you through buying the best football helmet for your game. You read our guide correctly to buy a football helmet.

1. Size:

When buying a football helmet, size is one of the most important considerations. You can contact your trainer for advice or reference a sizing guide that explains how to achieve the correct fit for hat sizes. Sizing is essential since you want to live comfortably while playing.

Consider trying them out before you buy. As a result of this, you’ll obtain a hat that fits properly, not just visually. Your hand’s pressure on the football helmet will also mean you sound the stress equally dispersed.

The product should come from a youth helmet corner to avoid it being worn incorrectly. Also, be aware that adult-sized helmets are frequently too hefty. Young people should avoid wearing these since they can be harmful.

2. Weight:

For the kids, you need a helmet that is relatively light in weight. Kids can move on a field that’s the correct weight. Durability is also a factor to consider.

When you look at the material of a helmet, you can know if it will last or not. Players’ heads need to be protected, and jaw pads should be heavy enough to keep them happy.

3. Material:

The quality of the material should also be considered when you are buying a football helmet.

 Youth football helmets must be built of raw materials and have a high load capacity. This is the most commonly used material for football helmets. The chin pads are then made of fiberglass fiber or carbon fiber, as well as TPU. Because of this, it is the first class to be able to endure vicious assault.

 The more brittle the hat, the more effective it will be in protecting your head. When choosing a helmet, be sure it’s constructed of ABS plastic before you buy it.

As a result, the helmet can bear considerable force. After being exposed to the sun for an extended period, polypropylene (PP) plastics become incredibly rigid. The heat will likely harm a football helmet because it’s an outdoor sport.

4. Helmet protection:

The second item to consider when choosing a child helmet is protection. A lot relies on the washer and cleaning products used to clean the helmets.

A shock-absorbing, scientifically tested, and cutting-edge product is needed. Consider buying your child a helmet that will provide them with a great deal of protection on the field.

5. Warranty:

As long as a helmet manufacturer is ready to guarantee your pleasure with their product, you may be on the correct route. Should choose the helmet that displays the confidence of the maker. Additionally, your helmet should be scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, and shock-proof. You’re now ready to choose a child football helmet of that type.

Almost all of the greatest football helmet brands offer their protective gear. So you choose the best helmet after seeing his warranty. Many brands cannot give you a warranty, but here we give you the helmet warranty.


Riddell is better than Schutt how?

This helmet outperformed Riddell’s SpeedFlex in the Virginia Tech helmet study and NFLPA’s Helmet Lab Test. The F7 came in second place in Virginia Tech’s study with a score of 2.54. Both helmets received five-star ratings, placing them among the top helmets available.

Which football helmet is the most expensive?

The Riddell football helmet is the most expensive on our list. Because it uses 3D technology, there is no other helmet creation procedure in the world like it.

What is the safest position to play in soccer?

Strong Safety (SS) and Free Safety (FS) are the two S postures (FS). The strong safety is usually, well, solid and fast, as its name suggests. However, they are also projected to come up in run support.

If football helmets differ in appearance, why?

Players wear different face masks for each position, and they may also wear polycarbonate visors on their helmets to protect their eyes.

Final words:

Here we tell you in this guide about the best football helmet. We also tell you the buying guide for a football helmet. You read our guide to pick one of the best football helmets for your game. Football helmets are essential for the game so choose the best that look good for you. When choosing a football helmet, make sure to read the buying guide first because it helps you buy a football helmet quickly. Thanks for contacting us.