Top 10 Indoor Basketball Hoops You Can Buy for Your Room

Basketball is too interesting a sport to wait for hours before you can play on the court. Why wait when you can bring a mini basketball court into your home? Indoor basketball hoops are an excellent way to play your instincts away. One of the great things about these indoor hoops is that they can be mounted nearly anywhere! You can mount them in your room, your kid’s room, in the driveway, backyard, or even your office. 

So if you are looking for an indoor basketball hoop for your home or office, here are some top choices for you. 

1. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

SKLZ Pro is an impressive hoop set that has topped our list of best indoor basketball hoops. It is because this basketball hoop is easy to mount. Let us assure you; it will hardly take 15 minutes to be assembled and mounted. In just 15 minutes, your hoop set will be ready to be scored! 

It is one of the best indoor basketball hoops you can get for your kid’s room. It has an original look and feels, so you can also mount it in your mini office. 

Moreover, you will be getting a 5’ diameter basketball with this set. All you need is a pump and a needle to inflate it. The rim is 9’ in diameter. As a result, you can determine a proper aim and make a shot even from a distance.

This hoop has excellent durability due to its breakaway rim and steel alloy frame. Moreover, the backboard is made from shatter-resistant glass. Two options available are glow-in-the-dark or the standard backboard. 


  • Easy mounting. 
  • Durable material of the net and hoop. 
  • The shatter-resistant glass of the backboard. 


  • Not the ideal hoop for aggressive players. 

2. Spalding Slam Jam Mini Basketball Hoop

Spalding has an excellent reputation for manufacturing premium quality sports equipment. It did not disappoint us when it launched the Slam Jam basketball hoop. Spalding Slam Jam is an over-the-door basketball hoop with some incredible features. 

It has a durable backboard made from heavy-duty polycarbonate. The backboard is padded with shock-absorbing foam. As a result, it will not damage your door. Additionally, this basketball hoop has a 9 inches breakaway rim. The flexibility of the rim protects it from breaking. This hoop also comes with a 5 inches rubber ball so that you can start playing right away. 

You can either buy the recent 2021 version with updated features or buy the 2022 version! Yes, you read that right; Spalding launched their 2022 version already! We believe it is one of the best indoor basketball hoops you can find in the market at the moment. 


  • Shock-absorbant backboard.
  • Durable yet flexible material.
  • Looks exactly like the NBA equipment. 


  • The ball is heavy, so it makes some noise. 

3. JustInTymeSports Wall Mounted Mini Basketball Hoop

JustInTymeSports Mini Basketball hoop is built to be drilled into the wall. It is one of the best basketball hoops when it comes to sturdiness. The backboard is made from steel alloy, polycarbonate, and aluminum. Moreover, the backboard is durable and shatterproof. As a result, it can withstand your aggressive shots. Once you purchase this mini basketball hoop, you will not have to buy another for many years. 

The rim is 9-inches wide and is breakaway. The 5 inches basketball comes in the package. It goes smoothly through the hoop’s sufficiently wide rim. Additionally, it has just a single stud for mounting. You can quickly mount it without using any professional help. All in all, this excellent basketball hoop is worth the purchase. 


  • Steel frame for more strength. 
  • Sturdy backboard.
  • The rim and backboard come assembled. 


  • Expensive

4. RAMgoal Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop

If you are looking for adjustable indoor basketball hoops, then the RAMgoal mini basketball hoop is the best choice for you. RAMgoal Indoor Basketball Hoop is a mini wall mounting hoop. You can mount it on your room’s wall or in your office or backyard. After mounting the hoop, you can change its height to a range of 13 inches. Therefore, it is a great indoor basketball hoop for adults and kids alike. 

The backboard of this hoop is 24 by 16 in dimensions. It is made from shatterproof acrylic so that it can withstand hard hits by the ball. The hoop is attached to the frame through a breakaway spring. Thus, the rim will not bend under high pressure. It will just bounce back due to the flexibility offered by the hoop. Moreover, the backboard frame is made of steel, making it one of the most durable basketball hoops.  


  • Comes with a 5’ basketball.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Breakaway hoop. 
  • Shatter resilient backboard.


  • Difficult to mount. 

5. Franklin Sports Basketball Hoop

Franklin Sports Basketball Hoop is made for kids and adults. With its easy mounting technology, you can hang this basketball hoop in your room with minimum effort. 

This indoor basketball hoop is easy to assemble and mount. It is because all the hardware and tools required for the setup come in the package. Not only this, but you also get a 5’ diameter Franklin rubber ball with this hoop. Moreover, you can quickly inflate the ball with the pump and needle that come with the ball. In conclusion, it is an all-in-all package. 

It is an over-the-door basketball hoop that can be mounted on any standard-sized door. The foam padding of the backboard protects your door from any marks or scratches. The backboard is made of plastic, and it is shatter-resistant. Under no circumstances will it break, so you can keep playing with this hoop for years to come. 

The 9.5 inches rim of this hoop has a dual spring at the back. The spring quickly bounces back and prevents bending of the rim. Moreover, its affordable rate despite all the premium features is a cherry on top. 


  • Comes with a pump and other setup tools.
  • Dual spring rim. 
  • Budget-friendly. 


  • Not very durable.

6. Play Platoon Over The Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Play Platoon makes the most durable indoor basketball hoops. The Mini Basketball Hoop by Play Platoon is made from a steel alloy. It is a heavy-duty, long-lasting product. If you are more of an aggressive player, then this basketball hoop is the most suitable choice for you.

It has a shatter-resistant backboard and breakaway steel rim. Moreover, it comes with two rubber basketballs! And do not worry about inflating the balls because the package comes with a hand pump and needle. You also get a toolkit for a quick setup. 


  • Durable and sturdy.
  • You get two rubber balls. 
  • Comes with a toolkit and mounting hardware. 
  • Free lifetime warranty if you register online.


  • The balls are a little flimsy.

7. JAPER BEES Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

For those looking for 2-in-1 indoor basketball hoops, JAPER BEES has the perfect product for you. The Pro Mini Basketball Hoop by JAPER BEES can be mounted on a wall or a door as per your preference. It has door hooks for doors and mounting brackets for walls. These parts make the installation process easier. 

JAPER BEES is quite a competitor for the other brands when it comes to sturdiness. JAPER BEES makes heavy-duty and shatterproof backboards. The backboards have double the thickness of the backboards made by other companies. Moreover, the thick padding of the backboard makes it highly durable. 

The hoop is made from dual Black Pro springs and a heavy-duty net. With the Pro rubber mini ball, you can slam, dunk, and swish in this resilient basketball hoop. 


  • Comes with all the hardware tools. 
  • Double thickness backboard. 
  • Quick Assembly. 


  • The ball is for shooting and not for bouncing. 

8. Rawlings NBA Game On Mini Basketball Hoops

Those who do not want to sit and assemble the parts before playing must buy Rawlings NBA Game On Mini Basketball Hoop. This indoor basketball hoop comes assembled and ready to be mounted. All you have to do is hang it on your bedroom door with the door clips. 

This basketball hoop has a polycarbonate backboard. The back of the backboard has padded foams on it. As a result, the backboard does not damage the door. The backboard has a logo imprinted on it. One feature that we love about this basketball hoop is choosing the logo of whichever team you want! 

The breakaway rim is made of steel. Thus, it can withstand aggressive shots. It has a nylon net which is quite durable. The inflatable rubber ball that comes with the hoop goes smoothly in this nylon net. 


  • Comes assembled.
  • Easy to mount. 
  • Durable material. 


  • Low-quality ball. 

9. RBX Over the Door Indoor Basketball Hoop

Here again, the Basketball hoop by RBX comes all assembled. You can play a game right after unboxing the hoop. Another great feature that makes this indoor basketball hoop one of the best is its heavy-duty net. This hoop has a 3-ply net which is resistant to the wear and tear process over the years. 

Additionally, the shatterproof backboard of this hoop has padded foam on its backside. It does not slide over the door harshly, and as a result, the door does not get damaged. Moreover, it has a steel rim that is attached to the frame with strong screws. 

This hoop also comes with a 5’ diameter inflatable basketball. You will have to inflate this ball using a hand pump and needle. 

With this sturdy basketball hoop, adults and kids can play freely without the fear of breaking it. 


  • Heavy-duty net.
  • Comes assembled. 
  • Slam dunk design.


  • The rim does not have any springs. 

10. Indoor Basketball Hoops by TREYWELL

Want to enjoy the feel of a basketball game crowd? You should buy the indoor basketball hoop by TREYWELL. It comes with an electronic scoreboard that cheers with audio of a game crowd whenever you score. It is a perfect hoop to amplify your kids’ excitement to play. 

The construction and material of this basketball hoop are unmatched. It has a breakaway rim that can bend at an angle of 45 degrees and bounce back immediately. With this basketball hoop, your kids can show off their slam dunk! Moreover, the backboard is made from ABS plastic. It is entirely non-toxic and lightweight.

There are thick foam strips present on the backboard. These prevent any door damages and help in shock absorption. 

This mini basketball hoop can be easily installed and removed. You can quickly move it from your bedroom to your backyard to your living room any time without any effort. 


  • Comes with three rubber basketballs. 
  • Digital scoreboard and audio cheering.
  • Padded backboard.


  • No volume control for the audio sound. 

Indoor Basketball Hoops: FAQ

Indoor Basketball Hoops

Can kids and adults use the same indoor basketball hoop?

Yes, adults can use the same hoops as kids. Adults can either mount these hoops in their bedroom, dorm, or even in the office. It will help them relax or release the stress while working for hours. 

How are the indoor basketball hoops mounted on the wall?

All the hoops come with instruction manuals. Once you set up and assemble the parts, read the manual to mount the hoop over the door or on a wall. For further help, read this guide. 

How would I know which mini basketball hoop is best for me?

Read this buying guide if you do not know how to choose an indoor basketball hoop for yourself. It will tell you what things you need to look for while buying a basketball hoop. 

Final Thoughts

After a comprehensive evaluation, we concluded that SKLZ Pro is the best basketball hoop one can buy for indoor use. It is easy to assemble, easy to mount, and fun to play. It is one of the most durable indoor basketball hoops. So once you buy it, you will not have to look for another hoop for many years to come.