How to Choose the Best Women’s Soccer Cleats for Beginners?

If you are a newbie player in soccer, the first accessory you have to buy is the best women’s soccer cleats

This buying guide is especially for those women who have never shopped for cleats before. It will also help those players who purchased soccer cleats but ended up with the wrong pairs. 

Before we dive into this in-depth buying guide, let’s first learn the different types of soccer cleats. 

Different Types of Soccer Cleats

There are four main types of soccer shoes:

  • Firm Ground (FG)
  • Soft Ground (SG)
  • Turf Shoes (TF)
  • Indoor Shoes (IN)

1. Firm Ground Soccer Cleats (FG)

These are the most versatile soccer cleats. You can wear these on firm surfaces but also wet artificial ground. These cleats have conical or bladed rubber studs on their soles. 

The design of the shoes and studs allows you excellent traction on the solid ground. As a result, these shoes are the best women’s soccer cleats for beginners. It is because of the safety they provide. 

2. Soft Ground Soccer Cleats (SG)

As their name suggests, these cleats are designed for soft ground. They have removable metal studs. These keep the players firm on the soft grass in wet weather conditions. 

Most experienced players wear these shoes. It is because they require maximum performance from their cleats, even on a wet grass field. 

The metal studs come in various lengths. You can replace them depending on the sogginess of the ground on which you are playing. 

3. Turf Shoes (TF)

Turf shoes are designed to wear on artificial grass or turf indoors. The only difference between turf shoes and soft ground cleats is the length of their studs. Turf shoes have shorter studs than the latter. 

TF soccer cleats also have conical-shaped rubber studs. You should never buy soccer cleats with bladed studs if you were playing on artificial grass. 

4. Indoor Shoes (IN)

Indoor soccer shoes do not have cleats. They have a flat outsole with a pattern of rubber protrusions. The protrusions provide the player with the ultimate grip to stay stable on the ground. 

So if you will be playing soccer on wood or cement ground, indoor soccer shoes should be your choice. 

How to Choose the Best Women’s Soccer Cleats?

Women's soccer cleats

Playing style 

It is the most important factor which decides which type of soccer cleats will suit you the best. 

  • Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers need maximum traction and agility to give their best performance. They have to move quickly in all directions to make a good save.

Bladed studs on the soccer cleats offer ultimate traction and agility to the player. So, if you are a female goalkeeper, buy soccer cleats with rubber or plastic bladed studs. 

  • Attackers

Attackers need explosive movements for scoring a goal. They need soccer cleats with minimum weight and maximum speed. Here again, shoes with bladed studs are the best for forward or attacking soccer players. 

  • Defensive Players

These players have to stop the shots and block the net. The best women’s soccer cleats for defensive players are those with conical studs. It is because conical studs offer more maneuverability and speed. 

You should buy super lightweight soccer cleats if you want to run at high speeds. Also, it would be best if you had more protection, so buy shoes that have extra cushioning and fit you perfectly. 

  • Midfielders

Midfielders have to run the whole time, linking the forwards with the defenders of their team. It is why they need the type of soccer cleats that are best in comfort, agility, and speed. For comfort, check for cushioning; notice the fitting, ankle neck, and stud shape for agility. For high speed, go for the lightweight shoes. 


Leather or synthetic material is used to manufacture soccer cleats. Both these materials have their pros and cons. 

Women’s soccer cleats made from high quality leather offer a better feel on the ball and fit better. However, leather shoes are less durable and more expensive. Also, you cannot wear these on wet ground. 

We do not recommend buying leather soccer cleats for newbie players. 

Synthetic soccer shoes, on the other hand, are highly durable. These shoes are lightweight and less expensive. Plus, they are easier to clean. The only con of these cleats is that they do not offer a good feel on the ball. 

Other than that, synthetic shoes are the best women’s soccer cleats you can buy as a beginner. 

Ankle height

Soccer shoes can have medium to low ankle height. Medium ankle height protects your ankle from sprain and injuries. However, it does limit your movements and agility. 

Low ankle height offers you maximum maneuverability, but there is no ankle protection. It is now up to you what factor you prefer more. 

In our opinion, beginners should prefer protection over agility and movements.


You can either have the waterproof feature or a good pair of breathable shoes. Both features do not go hand in hand. 

If you play in a warmer zone and your feet get sweaty often, you should buy shoes made from breathable material. These shoes will have a mesh in their upper that will allow ventilation.

Waterproof cleats are best for those who play primarily in wet conditions. These shoes do not have any perforations in their upper. Therefore, these allow the least airflow. 


You should always check the reviews of a product before buying it online. If the reviews say the soccer cleats run small, you should buy one size up. If the shoes are good in fitting, the reviews will tell you.

Additionally, it would help if you always chose close-fitting shoes. It is because they offer you more ball control. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what features to consider, you can easily choose the best soccer cleats for yourself. But if you are still confused about choosing from the dozen of choices available, we have enlisted the 10 best women’s soccer cleats here. You can weigh their features and downsides from our reviews and pick the best pair for yourself.