How to Choose the Best Mini Basketball Hoop?

Having a mini basketball hoop indoors is a terrific way to stay active. Due to its compact structure and small size, you can easily install mini hoops in dorm rooms, bedrooms, or your office. The real struggle is choosing which mini basketball hoop is perfect for your space. 

Are you a pro player who wants to practice your skills in your dorm room? Or are you looking for a durable basketball hoop for your kids’ room? Or do you want to buy a hoop that will be your mood lifter in the office? 

Whichever the reason, this guide will teach you how to choose a mini basketball hoop best suited for you. But before that, you must know what different types of basketball hoops are there.

Types of Basketball Hoops

The three different types of basketball hoops are as follows:


As their name suggests, you can move portable basketball hoops around the house. These have a broad base with wheels. You can also adjust their height using a lever. 

These types of hoops are best for growing kids. They can also move it from their backyard to their driveaway or even to their living room. 

However, these hoops have one serious drawback. They can easily topple over as the ground does not fully support their base.


These types of hoops are best for those families and groups who play basketball more often. In-ground hoops are anchored into the cement, so these are more stable and sturdy. Such hoops are best for long-term use. 

Moreover, you can also adjust their height to accommodate players of different ages. 

The con of these hoops is that once installed, you cannot move them. 


Mounted hoops are the most versatile basketball hoops you can buy. These are mini basketball hoops that consist of a backboard, a rim and a hoop. It can be mounted on a door or a wall. You can also remove it and move it to some other place. 

Many mounted hoops come with an adjustable height. These are perfect for adults and children alike. 

How to Choose the Best Mini Basketball Hoop?


If you want to buy a mounted basketball hoop for your backyard, it must be larger. On the other hand, indoor rooms do not have much space to offer, so mini basketball hoops are best-suited for them. 

Many hoops come with a foldable rim. So when you don’t feel like playing, you can fold it over the wall or the door. 

  • For your kids’ room, choose an 18″ x 10.5″ large basketball hoop. 
  • For your room or office, a 24″ x 16″ hoop would be the best. 


If you want a durable hoop, you should buy a product that is made from top-quality materials. A cheaper hoop will save your money, but it will break quickly. 


Different basketball hoops are made from different materials. If you want more durability, you should buy a hoop with a steel frame, a heavy-duty backboard, and a nylon net. 

These three components make sure your mini basketball hoop does not break even after you slam dunk. 

Some basketball hoops are made of plastic or non-elastic material. These are not so bad in quality, but they are not ideal for aggressive players. 


As we already mentioned, the backboard of a basketball hoop must be heavy-duty. It is the backbone of the hoop that keeps it in one place. So if a basketball hoop has a shatterproof backboard, it would be outstanding. You should buy that hoop without any second thoughts. 

Breakaway Rim

A breakaway rim is the one that is attached to the frame with a spring. It is more flexible and resilient. So when you slam dunk or throw a really hard shot, this rim bounces back instead of breaking. It also avoids any injuries to the player. 


The assembly of the basketball hoop is not as complex as it sounds. You will hardly need 15 minutes for assembling all the parts. All you have to do is attach the net and rim and then attach the hoop to the backboard. Moreover, all the tools and hardware that are required for the assembly come in the package. 

Several basketball hoops come assembled for the ones who are not good with tools. 


A mini basketball hoop bought for a kid’s room or a dorm room must not cost more than $50. However, if you want to go after premium quality hoops that you will mount in your driveway or backyard, a $200 hoop would be excellent. 

Other than that, price plays a role in durability. For a more durable product, you should spend more money. But if you do not play often, a reasonably-priced hoop would be well and good for you. 

Check out these 10 best top-quality indoor basketball hoops that come at affordable rates.

How to Mount a Mini Basketball Hoop?

Mini Basketball Hoop

Over the Door

Over-the-door basketball hoops come with door clips. With the proper tools and screws in the package, attach the door clips to the backboard. Once you have connected the door clips, use a screw to check if the screws are tightly fastened. Then mount the door clips over the door. 

On a Wall

Wall-mounted basketball hoops are more stable than over-the-door hoops. For mounting a mini basketball hoop to a wall, you do not need any clips. You will have to drill the screws directly through the backboard into the wall. Pre-drill holes into the wall and then attach the backboard to it. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to sharpen your skills or kill boredom, a mini basketball hoop is a fantastic partner to have indoors. Choosing the right hoop becomes easy once you know what factors to look for. And with this professional guide, you will never end up having the wrong type of mini basketball hoop.