How to Choose the Best Golf Clubs for Women? (Buying Guide 2021)

Golf is a popular hobby among people of all ages regardless of their gender and dexterity. Female and male players need different sets of golf clubs. The golf clubs for women are shorter in size and more flexible than those for men. 

Shopping for the best golf clubs for women can be challenging for an amateur player. It is because of the many technical pieces of equipment. But we have simplified this process for you. This article will discuss the features you need to consider before you buy golf clubs. Let’s get started. 

Components of Golf Clubs

There are four main types of clubs: irons, woods, putters, wedges. All of these clubs have the following similar components. 


The shaft is a cylindrical rod connecting the head of the club with the grip. It is made from either graphite or steel. The length of the shaft varies in different sets of golf clubs. It is the length that decides the swing speed and flexibility of the clubs. 


The grip is the uppermost part of the club. It is from where the golfer grips the club and swings it. The grip material prevents the club from slipping from the golfer’s hands. 

The grip varies in design, texture, and colours in different brands. Its standard size is 10 inches. However, players can choose from standard, midsize, and jumbo sizes. The size of the grip depends on the size of their hands. 


It is a tiny part at the end of the shaft that connects it with the clubhead. This hosel is placed at an angle which is called a lie angle. Some clubs have an adjustable hosel. It allows the players to change their lie angle as per their preference. 


The clubhead is the lowermost part of the club. It is linked to the shaft through the hosel at a certain lie angle. The head is the part through which you strike the ball. Therefore, it decides how far and how high the ball will be thrown.  

Different Types of Golf Clubs


1-wood or driver is one of the most used golf clubs. This golf club has the most extended shaft, smallest lie angle, and biggest sweet spot. It is forgiving and great for swinging the ball at far distances. 


Woods or fairway woods are made from wood (obviously). These have a smaller clubhead than the driver. There are two common types of woods: 3 and 5. 

These clubs are used to acquire more accuracy than distance. 


These have clubheads similar to woods, but their length matches the length of irons. Hybrids are used to generate more swing speed. 


Irons are the most versatile clubs. These can be used for any range of shots and on every hole. These offer you more control over the ball due to the deep grooves on them. 


For more accuracy than the irons, wedges are used. These are longer than irons and have more loft. 


It is one of the most essential golf clubs. In the green area, the ball is rolled into the hole using a putter. For optimum accuracy, it has a square grip and a flatter club head. 

How to Choose the Best Golf Clubs for Women?

Best Golf Clubs for Women

Number of Clubs

Some sets have 8-10 golf clubs. However, a complete set has 14 clubs in it. If you are a beginner, 8-10 golf clubs will be enough for you. You can quickly learn and practice your skills with the primary clubs in such sets.

Your golf club set must have a driver, irons, woods, 1&2 wedges, hybrids, and putter as a beginner. However, if you are an intermediate or senior player, you must buy a complete set. A complete set will also have 4&5 woods and wedges. 


It is a pretty obvious fact. Forgiving clubs are the best golf clubs for women who are amateurs. These make games easier and more fun in the days when you are learning the game. 

The golf clubs that have a larger sweet spot, lower centre of gravity and cavity back design are more forgiving. Moreover, heavier golf clubs are difficult to swing, so they are not forgiving. Beginners should buy lightweight golf clubs. These are more consistent and forgiving. 

Graphite Shafts

As we already discussed, heavier shafts are hard to swing. The golf clubs for women are constructed with graphite. It makes them lightweight and more flexible. The lighter the shaft, the more swing speed it allows. As a result, you will be able to hit the ball at longer distances with a golf club having a graphite shaft.

You should not use men’s golf clubs as they are shorter and stiffer. With men’s clubs, you will end up having less swing speed and tired hands. It is why you should buy a golf set with ladies flex clubs. 


Different brands offer different quality golf clubs. Their prices also vary due to the difference in their quality and features. If you are a beginner or play golf one to two times a year, do not buy an expensive, premium quality golf set. A standard set will suit you well enough. 

However, if you are more invested in this activity and play golf more often, you should buy from a famous brand with excellent features. Callaway is a great brand that makes the best golf clubs for women. Several other brands are also in the race in making top-notch golf sets. 

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Golf Bags

The best golf clubs for women are the ones that come with comfortable golf bags. Cart bags and stand bags are two types of golf bags. There are also hybrid bags that are a combination of both. 

  • Cart bags are larger and heavier. These are built to be carried in a cart around the golf course. Their advantage is that these offer more space to hold accessories. 
  • Stand bags are lightweight and more petite. These have straps on them. So you can carry them on your shoulders without hurting your back.