Choose the Perfect CrossFit Gym Bag Using These 11 Fantastic Tips

Choosing the right CrossFit gym bag depends on how much gear and which type of gear you will be carrying in it. It is why the right kind of gym bag might be different for every person. So how will you decide which CrossFit Gym Bag is perfect for you?

To help you choose, we have shared this excellent buying guide. Below, we have shared the standard features that every gym bag must have. The following buying guide also includes some tips to help you choose the right CrossFit gym bag. 

So let’s get started. 

How Can You Choose the Best CrossFit Gym Bag?


CrossFit gym bags come in two styles: Duffle bags and backpacks. 

CrossFit Duffle bags: 

It is a cylindrical bag with a drawstring closure. You can carry duffle bags in your hands or on the shoulder through a padded strap. The pros of duffle bags are that they are more spacious and flexible. These bags are best for those who carry dozens of items in their workout gear. 

These bags have some significant drawbacks as well. You cannot carry it yourself for long commutes. However, if you commute in a car, then this bag will do pretty well for you. 

CrossFit Gym Backpacks:

CrossFit gym backpacks are just regular backpacks with some extra pockets. These backpacks are more comfortable to wear due to the padded shoulder straps. The two straps distribute weight on your shoulders, and thus you do not feel tired after wearing them for too long. 

However, they have lesser capacity than duffle bags. So if you have a lot of gear to carry to your fitness center, a backpack might not be the ideal choice for you. 

CrossFit Gym Bag

Size and Capacity

Will you be carrying just your clothes, shoes, towel and water bottle? Or will you be carrying other accessories too? For just the primary type of gear, a medium-sized bag would be enough for you. But if you are that CrossFitter that takes every accessory with him, you must buy a large-sized gym bag. 

Make sure the gym bag you choose to buy has 30 to 40 L of capacity. It is the average capacity that can hold almost every item of the gear. 

Extra Pockets

You also carry a lot of small things in your bag. It can be your keys, wallet, phone, etc. If you place these things along with your clothes, towels, and more oversized items, they will be hard to find.  

It is why you should look for a gym bag that has small extra pockets for small items. Some bags have mesh pockets on the outside, along with zippered pockets. The pockets for the phone and wallet are inside the bag, and these also have a zipper closure. 

Shoe Compartment

After a strenuous workout, your shoes get sweaty and smelly. You cannot place these with your dry gear, and thus you need a separate pocket. 

Look for a CrossFit gym bag that has a separate shoe compartment. Plus, it should be water-resistant and well-ventilated. Otherwise, the sweaty odor will get to your other items. 

Water-Resistant Material

Your CrossFit gym bag is going to get wet; it is a sure thing. It can happen due to post-workout sweaty clothes, wet shoes, rain, or the water bottle you carry. Therefore, your bag must be water-resistant to keep your other gear dry. 

Padded Straps

The straps of your bag must be padded with soft foam. It will prevent extra pressure on your shoulders and keep them relaxed. Plus, you should check before buying a duffle bag if they are providing a separate shoulder strap. A shoulder strap is essential for duffle bags because you cannot carry it with your hands for too long. 

Water Bottle Holder

The best type of CrossFit gym bag has a separate pocket to hold a water bottle. Keeping the bottle in this pocket rules out the possibility of spilling water on your gear in the main compartment.  


Your bag can tear from the heavyweight of gear that you will be carrying. It is why it should be made from a tough and durable material. 

The most durable materials for CrossFit gym bags are polyester and nylon. These are lightweight but can hold a surprising amount of weight. Look for a gym bag that is made from either of these two materials. 


Due to all the sweat and odor, many bacteria start to grow inside your bag. To get rid of these three unnecessary things, you must wash your bag after coming from a workout. 

So make sure you buy a machine-washable bag. Otherwise, you will have to hand-wash it every time you use it. 


It is not an essential factor, but it still counts. If a brand is offering a warranty for their product, you should buy for them for sure. Such bags happen to be more durable. Plus, you get the satisfaction that your money won’t go wasted. 


You can buy a good CrossFit gym bag for less than $30. You do not have to break the bank to buy the perfect gym bag. Many reputable brands are offering amazing bags at reasonable prices. You just have to find them. 

Where can I get the Best CrossFit Gym Bag?

If you are confused by the dozens of choices available, check out our list of 10 awesome CrossFit Gym Bags. The bags mentioned in this article are top-quality products that come at budget-friendly prices. So purchase before they sell out. 

Final Thoughts

The secret to buying the perfect CrossFit gym bag is checking if it offers all the premium features. The most-needed features of a CrossFit gym bag are waterproof and durable material, high capacity, and affordable price. The bag must also have multiple pockets. These will help you keep your items organized. 

Moreover, one should choose a bag that comes with padded shoulder straps. It is because such bags are more comfortable. If you find a bag with all these features, buy it right away!