Best Baseball Helmets: Our Top 10 Picks

Your safety in a baseball game is crucial whether you are an up and coming young player or a professional. It is why your head must be covered with a baseball helmet on the pitch to reduce the risk of head injuries. If you are wearing a baseball helmet, you can play with a clear head and undivided attention. It will save you from the worries of being hit by a fast ball. The best baseball helmets also provide you with more comfort. So these increase your potential during the game. 

If you do not know which baseball helmet is perfect for you, we can help you choose. Listed below are the 10 best baseball helmets. Let’s give them a read. 

1. Rawlings Mach Matte Baseball Helmets

Rawlings Mach Matte Helmets are the best baseball helmets in the market. It is because these are NOCSAE approved. So these are one of the safest baseball helmets you can buy. 

Mach Baseball helmets are designed to hold up against the hardest thrown pitches in the game. The helmets have a thick IMPAX padding on the inside of its head. The padding reduces the impact of a hit and keeps your head protected. Despite the padding, these helmets allow optimized ventilation. 

The C-flap is the key feature of these innovative baseball helmets. The C-flap prevents any severe injuries to the face and jaw. It also prevents any peripheral distractions so that the batter can focus on the pitch only. 

This Rawlings helmet has a sleek design and weighs 1.49 pounds only. There are two formats to choose from: for lefty or righty batters.   


  • Protective flap extension. 
  • Air vents. 
  • IMPAX padding. 


  • It is a bit expensive, but the premium features are worth the price. 

2. Mizuno F6 Youth Fastpitch Batting Helmet 

Mizuno F6 Youth Fastpitch Batting Helmet is all about comfort. It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the best baseball helmets that offer a comfortable experience. Another key feature of this helmet is keeping the head dry and cool on a hot summer day. 

Protection of the batter is obviously the top priority of the Mizuno F6 Youth helmet. This helmet has a complete ABS plastic design so that it can tolerate high impact. The EVA foam inner core controls the moisture inside the helmet. It also provides protection and comfort. 

Mizuno F6 Youth helmets are also NOCSAE approved. As ABS plastic is used in the outer shell, this helmet is durable and safe to wear.


  • Moisture control through the EVA foam. 
  • ABS plastic shell. 
  • Meets NOCSAE standards. 
  • Comes with a face mask.


  • Only one colour is available. 

3. Easton Alpha TBall Baseball Helmet 

The Easton Alpha Tball is one of the best baseball helmets with a jaw guard. So you do not have to buy a facemask separately; this helmet comes with one. 

This helmet has a dual intensity foam in the inner core. The thick form can endure high impacts by absorbing the vibrations. By wearing this helmet, your head will be completely safe from fast shots on the pitch. The outer part is constructed from ABS thermoplastic. It again is resistant to impacts and vibrations. The plastic dampens the vibration, thus reducing the risk of injuries. 

The inner core also has a BioDRI lining. It has moisture-wicking properties, so it keeps your head cool and dry. The standard helmet sizing is designed to fit every player, from young ones to adults. These helmets come in seven beaming colours.


  • ABS thermoplastic shell. 
  • Protective inner core with BioDRI liner. 
  • Standard sizing. 
  • This one also comes with a face mask. 


  • It is not NOCSAE approved. 

4. Rip-It Vision Pro Matte Softball Helmet

The Rip-It Vision Pro Matte Softball Helmet also comes with a face mask. The face mask of this helmet is low profile and lightweight. So you do not lose your focus while wearing it, and you can play with confidence on the pitch. 

One incredible feature of this baseball helmet is the blackout technology. The inside of the helmet and the facemask is black, so these keep the glare out of your eyes. This helmet has 21 air vents. These increase breathability by allowing airflow. 

There are also moisture-wicking pads inside the helmet. So these two features combined keep your head dry and moisture-free. The moisture-wicking pads also keep the sweat away, so the inside of your helmet does not get dirty soon.  


  • Dual-density foam. 
  • Excellent ventilation. 
  • Lightweight and sleek design. 


  • Expensive. 

5. Easton PROWESS Softball Batting Helmets

Easton PROWESS Helmets are the best baseball helmets for female athletes. These helmets enhance your experience to make it more comfortable. You also get a clear vision and maximum safety. 

It has an enforced flat bill design. This design makes sure you are not distracted by the peripheral visions. The outer shell has a sleek design with a matte charcoal finish. In contrast, the inner surface has BioDri lining for moisture absorption and comfort. The inner body has multi-density impact absorption foam for added protection. 

It also has a ponytail channel, so you can quickly put on and off the helmet. The chin strap is an additional feature. It keeps the helmet in place and prevents it from falling from your head.  


  • Maximum vision. 
  • Dry and sweat-proof BioDri lining.
  • Sleek and streamlined construction. 


  • This helmet is not designed for men. 

6. Easton Z5 2.0 Baseball Batting Helmet

Easton Z5 2.0 Baseball Helmet is another great batting helmet you can buy for your baseball matches. This helmet has a matte finish on its exterior, so it does not pick up any dirt. In addition, it has a great two-tone design with a pinstripe wrapped all the way around the helmet. This pinstripe accentuates the design and the surface of the helmet. 

There are wrap ear pads in the interior that protect the ear foam. The interior also has a BioDri moisture-wicking liner. This liner, along with many air vents, keeps the head cool, dry and moisture-free. There is also a dual-density foam for extra protection to your head. Check out these best baseball helmets by Easton that are available in 14 matte colours.


  • Extra protection and comfort due to the dual-density foam. 
  • Maximum ventilation. 
  • 14 different colors to choose from. 
  • Meets NOCSAE standard. 


  •  Faceguard has to be bought separately. 

7. Rawlings Adult COOLFLO Molded Baseball Batting Helmet

The Rawlings Adult COOLFLO is one of the best baseball helmets for up and coming baseball players. This helmet also comes with a faceguard. The faceguard keeps you protected in the batter’s box. This faceguard is built on special coding to create an optimal sightline. It limits obstructions while remaining structurally intact. 

Luckily this helmet is NOCSAE approved. It provides you with maximum safety with the highest performance. 

It is one of the most durable and longest-lasting baseball batting helmets. This helmet has a glossy outer shell. This helmet can hold up to higher impacts and fast shots. The interior is designed on COOLFLO technology. As a result, it keeps a good airflow inside the helmet and keeps your head dry and cool.  


  • Streamlined design.
  • NOCSAE approved. 
  • COOLFLO technology. 


  • Not many colors are available to choose from. 

8. Under Armour Classic Carbon Tech Batting Helmet

The Under Armour Carbon Tech Batting Helmet is constructed with tough ABS plastic. Its tough outer shell makes it durable and strong. The helmet also has 12 large air vents that maintain sufficient airflow through it. Due to proper ventilation, your head does not get sweaty or sticky on a hot summer day. 

Under Armour Carbon Tech helmet utilizes dual-density foam padding. The foam is shock absorbent, so it reduces the risk of impact injuries. Therefore, the helmets by Under Armour are the best baseball helmets in terms of safety. Above all, this batting helmet also has a ponytail channel for female softball players. 

There are extended flaps on either side of the helmet. As a result, this helmet provide extra protection to the cheekbones. It is a one-fit helmet, so you do not have to choose from various baseball helmet sizes. This helmet will fit everyone above the age of 12 with a head size of 6.5 to 7.5.


  • Tough outer shell. 
  • Protective foam padding.
  • Large air vents for maximum breathability. 


  • The sticker is hard to remove. 

9. DeMarini Paradox Protege Pro Batting Helmet

The Paradox Protege Pro Batting Helmet is designed with a low-profile shell style. This helmet by DeMarini is stocked with dual-density foam padding. This padding provides superior comfort, protection and a perfect fit. 

The Paradox Protege Pro helmet features a premium rubberized glossy finish. It has strategically placed vents. These help keep your head cool through maximum ventilation. 

This helmet comes in 5 attractive colors. The colors are charcoal, deep navy blue, royal blue, scarlet red, and glossy white. 

And you do not have to worry about the fitting. Due to the dual-density foam, these best baseball helmets will fit your head perfectly.


  • Standard fitting. 
  • Great breathability. 
  • Classy design. 


  • The color can come off even with minor scratching. 

10. EvoShield XVT Luxe Fitted Batting Helmet

The XVT Batting Helmet is one of the best baseball helmets for both protection and comfort. This batting helmet by EvoShield will ultimately help the players feel confident. This confidence is ensured by the excellent protection offered by this baseball helmet. You can play with sheer focus and confidence once you know your head is protected from any injuries. 

The inner shell has dual-density, fully wrapped pads. These allow your head to fit snugly into the helmet. Moreover, this helmet has an excellent venting system. The air vents are placed just at the right spots to allow maximum airflow. The best thing about these best baseball helmets is that they meet the NOCSAE standards. So if you want to play a safe game, you should buy one of these EvoShield helmets.  


  • NOCSAE approved. 
  • Maximum protection and comfort. 
  • Good airflow. 


  • Only one colour is available. 

Baseball Helmets FAQ

How can I wash my baseball helmet? 

You can wash your batting helmet by soaking it in lukewarm water mixed with a detergent. You should use a brush to clean the vents and holes. The paddings must be removed beforehand. If the padding is not removable, you should not soak the whole helmet. It would be best if you just wash it with a wet rag and mild soap.

How long can I use my baseball helmets?

If your batting helmet does not break or go through the process of wear and tear, you can wear it for ten long years. 

How tight should a baseball helmet be?

Your helmet should snugly fit on your head without leaving any space. You should wear a baseball hat or anything on your head while wearing your helmet. 

How can I choose the best baseball helmets for me?

Some factors need to be considered before you buy a baseball helmet. These factors are listed in this buying guide. Please give them a read to learn how to choose the best baseball helmets. 

Final Thoughts

Protection and comfort are the two key features that every baseball helmet must-have. Among all the helmets listed above, the Rawlings Mach helmets are the best baseball helmets. These helmets have extended C-flap and thick IMPAX padding for maximum protection. 

But if you want a more comfortable experience, you should buy the Mizuno F6 Youth Fastpitch Batting Helmet. It has an EVA foam inner padding, so it keeps your head snugly fit inside. Moreover, this helmet also comes with a faceguard. So you get extra protection with extra comfort.