Beginners’ Guide to Choosing the Best Football Socks

Football socks are no ordinary socks. They have different compositions, features, and designs. Therefore, it could be pretty challenging for a beginner to choose the best football socks. Here’s where I come to your help. 

Today, I am sharing the ultimate buying guide to help you choose the perfect pair of football socks. But before we dive into our main topic, let me first tell you about the different football socks. 

Types of Football Socks

Football socks are categorized based on their length. There are majorly two types of football socks. 

Over-the-Calf Football Socks

These socks reach almost below the knee of the player. Over-the-calf socks are also called high-rise socks. It is because they cover the whole shin area. If you get in more contact with other players, you should wear these socks. 

Moreover, these socks keep you warm due to more coverage. This type is ideal for the cold season. 

Crew Football Socks

These socks are longer than the ankle socks. However, they are still shorter than over-the-calf ones. Crew design socks cover half of the calf area. Because these socks do not have as much coverage, these are great for hotter days. 

These socks also offer more breathability to your legs. For players who want a snug fit, crew designs are the best football socks for them. 

Best Football Socks: Buying Guide


It is the first thing you should check when you are buying socks. Several different materials are used to make football socks, and each has its perks. 

1. Cotton

Cotton socks are perfect for people with sensitive skin. It is because cotton is a natural material, so it does not irritate the skin. Cotton socks are also great for comfort and breathability. 

The fabric is soft and keeps the feet cozy all day. But such socks are not so great for hotter days. 

2. Polyester

Most professional players wear polyester socks. It is because polyester has excellent moisture-absorbing properties. 

Moreover, polyester is super durable and machine-washable. It can withstand chemical detergents and frequent washings. So if you play in a wet field more often, polyester socks are your best option. 

3. Synthetic Blend

Some socks have nylon, polypropylene, spandex, or lycra in their composition. Such socks with a synthetic blend offer more features to the players. 

For example, nylon extends the durability of the socks. Polypropylene composition keeps the feet warm in winters. On the other hand, lycra, spandex, or elastane increases the elasticity of the socks. These two offer a better fit. 

Best Football Socks


Your feet get sweaty whether you play in summers or winters. Therefore, your socks will surely get wet while playing. This can also happen due to rain or wet ground. 

It is really uncomfortable to play in wet socks. That is why moisture-wicking is one of the essential properties of football socks. It will be best to buy a pair of socks that can keep your feet dry and cool. 


Football socks must be made of lightweight materials. Otherwise, they will restrict your movements and reduce your performance. 

For excellent maneuverability, you should buy cotton socks. It is because these socks are super lightweight. Plus, they allow you complete control over your movements. 


Cushioning is extra padding in some areas of the socks. These particular areas are padded because they are more prone to get injured. It can be heels or toes. 

Cushioning in such areas reduces impacts and prevents any injury to the player. However, too much padding can lead to less breathability. 

Arch Support

Some socks have compressed arches. These prove to be the best football socks as they reduce fatigue. 

The arch is fully supported, and thus the weight is distributed on foot. There is no pressure on your arch ligaments so that you can play all day tirelessly. 


Just like your cleats, your socks should exactly match your foot size. If you buy a larger size, your socks will keep sliding off. And if you buy a smaller pair than your standard size, you will feel uncomfortable wearing them. 

It will be best to measure your foot size and compare it with the size chart given by each store. 


If you wear your socks more often, you should also wash them more often. In such a scenario, machine-washable socks are the best option. 

The fiber of such socks does get damaged even after frequent washes. Thus, your socks will stay new and clean. Every brand mentions if their socks can be washed in a machine or not; look for such mentions. 

The best machine-washable material for socks is polyester. It is also more durable and resistant to abrasion. 

Odor-free Technology

Some socks are made with innovative anti-odor technology. These socks prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi that may cause a sweaty odor. This way, your feet will not smell bad, and the microorganisms will also not cause you any infection. 

So, you should try to find a pair of socks that are made of antimicrobial material. 

Blister Protection

Blister control socks are the safest option if you are a regular player. The best football socks with blister protection are the ones made of synthetic material. 

If a sock has polyester, yarn, or breathable material, it will indeed prevent blisters. 


A good pair of football socks can cost between $8 and $32. If you buy for a brand, it will cost you more at the $32 end. But on the plus side, it will also offer you more features. 

But many trustworthy stores sell football socks at affordable rates. Check out this article for buying the most incredible football socks at cheap rates. 

Final Thoughts

The best football socks are not the ones that cost more. They are the ones that keep your feet comfortable and protected. The main traits of the perfect pair of football socks are breathability, moisture-absorption, cushioning, durability, and blister protection. Moreover, you should also take the price of the socks into account.