12 Best Kayak Fishing Accessories You Need to Buy NOW

Kayak fishing is more fun than whitewater kayaking. But it also requires more gear and more accessories. If you have decided to go kayak fishing on your next holiday, you must start shopping for the best kayak fishing accessories

To become a successful kayak angler, you need to know what accessories are worth purchasing and which ones are rarely used. To save your time, I’ve listed all the must-have kayak fishing accessories of 2021. With this perfect set of gear, you can go kayak fishing like a pro! 

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1. Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

A PFD is the first thing on our list of best kayak fishing accessories. Let me explain why it is that important. A PFD makes sure you enjoy your day on the water without any risk of drowning. Even if you fall into the water, your personal floatation device will keep you afloat. 

Amazon is selling the best PFDs at reasonable prices. You should avail this opportunity and buy your own PFD from there. Amazon’s bestseller is Onyx MoveVent Sports Life Vest.


This vest features a foam design made of 200 denier nylon. 

It has lightweight and soft fabric. Plus, it has a mesh in the lower back. As a result, this PFD keeps you comfortable and cool. 

Other than that, this life jacket has sizable storage pockets and a lash tab on the front. Its large armholes make sure you have complete freedom of movement. 

2. Fishfinder 

Without this piece of gear, you will be fishing blindly. But if you have this incredible GPS device, you will be able to locate a school of fish quickly. 

Humminbird Helix 7 Fish Finder will let you see the lake bed as you have never seen before. It is one of the most affordable down-image fishing finders. 


Helix 7 gives you impeccable clarity for the underwater images. You can see 125 feet below your kayak with this fish finder. Moreover, it has two display modes: wide mode and narrow mode. 

You can get this one of the best kayak fishing accessories on Amazon. Just click on the button below. 

Did I mention that this product comes with a transducer, mounting device, power cable, and gimbal mounting bracket? In conclusion, it is an all-in-all package. 

3. Fish Gripper

The following best kayak fishing accessories you need to buy are fish grips. A lip grip or fish grip helps you land the fish quickly. You can control the moving fish by clipping a fish grip to its lip. 

Fish grips float on water, so even if they fall from your hand, you will not lose your fish. Moreover, they also help you remove a deeply-set hook by keeping the fish’s mouth wide open. 

You can buy these kayak accessories online by clicking on the button below. 


The BogaGrip by Eastaboga Tackle is one of the best fish grips you can buy. It also has a weight scale for weighing your fish. Moreover, it is made of durable and sturdy material so that it will last long. 

One thing that I loved about this fish grip was its clicking sound. As soon as your fish is engaged with its clip, it makes a sound. 

4. Landing Net

If you do not have a fish grip, you should pack a landing net in your sea kayak accessories bag. Landing nets are more reliable for beginners. These are used to lift already caught fish from the water. 

Moreover, landing nets are better for larger fish. So it would be best if you take both landing net and fish grip on your kayak fishing. 


The best landing net on Amazon right now is KastKing Fishing Landing Net. It is the strongest and most durable landing net. It is foldable as well, so it will save you tons of space. 

Additionally, this net is super lightweight. Its handle and frame are made of aluminum and industrial-strength graphite. The heavy-duty net has a rubber coating, and it is snag-resistant. 

Moreover, there is a ruler printer on the handle. As soon as you have caught your fish, you can measure its size with this ruler. 

5. Anchor System

An anchor system keeps you still in a spot even with the wind blowing. With a suitable anchor, you can stay in one place and hold your kayak even in a cross current. You can also fish against the wind with an anchor system. 


Airhead Complete Grapnel should go in your bag with the best kayak fishing accessories. It is an anchor system consisting of 4-fluke folding anchors that will hold your kayak on sand, mud, rock, or gravel. So, whichever the landscape, this anchor will keep your kayak stable. 

This anchor system has a 25-foot long rope. The whole system weighs 3.5 LBS. So, it will not put too much weight on your lightweight kayak. The anchors are powder-coated. As a result, they are resistant to corrosion. 

Moreover, this system has a nylon storage case. This case is fully padded for added protection. The padding also dampens the sound when you stow the anchor. 

6. Fishing Pliers

A fishing plier is the next essential gear for your tackle box. It is used for removing a hook from a fish without the need to use your hands. You can also cut a line or straighten a bent fishing rod with a pair of pliers. 

If you are collecting saltwater kayak fishing accessories, Bubba Blade fishing pliers are the best option.


It has stainless steel jaws which are Ti-Nitride-coated. These blades are rust-resistant, so they are perfect to be used in saltwater. 

Due to aluminum construction, these pliers are surprisingly lightweight. These let you have total control over your movement. Plus, the strength offered by this set is exceptional. 

The handles have a non-slip grip. Plus, they are spring-loaded for maximum leverage. They let you grasp the fish with ease and total control. 

7. Paddle Leashes

The next crucial kayak fishing gear is the paddle leash. Paddle leashes allow you to secure your paddles in a place when you are busy fishing. If your paddle is not tightened to a leash, wind or water can drive it away. And no one wants to experience such an inconvenience, right? 

It is why the following best kayak fishing accessories you should buy are paddle leashes. Among all the options, PROYAKER Ocean Tough leashes are the best choice. 


It is a set of two leashes. These can be used to secure your paddles or your fishing rod as well. There are double Velcro straps on these leashes. These will keep your paddles tightly attached. 

There are swivels on each end of these leashes. Therefore, there is no risk of tangles. The quick-release buckles make sure you can release the paddle or leash quickly. 

Additionally, the extending coil has a stainless steel inner core. This heavy-duty material is quite durable and sturdy. 

8. Rod Holder

Rod holders come in handy when you want to go hands-free. You can rest your multiple fishing rods on multiple rod holders to stay organized. Moreover, if a kayak angler uses only one rod, a holder will let him focus on bait fishing instead of angling the rod. 

Scotty #230 Powerlock is the most powerful and popular rod holder in the market at the moment.


It is an adjustable, open-style rod holder. Therefore, you can rotate it 360 degrees to set an angle of your liking. 

Additionally, it is a multi-function gear that you can use to catch any fish species, large or small. With the 241 combination mount system, you can mount this rod holder on the side or deck of any kayak. 

This ultimate rod holder also has a front lock. Thus, it will not let you lose your fishing rod in the water. You can choose a piece for yourself from the four color options available.

9. Fillet Knife

If you are feasting on the fish you caught, you will surely need a fillet knife. A fillet knife is a professional tool for slicing and skinning a fish and then cutting it into pieces. It has a long, flexible blade with a pointy tip to make sharp fillets of fish. 

Wüsthof makes the most incredible fillet knives. You can buy one of those from Amazon to level up your set of best kayak fishing accessories. 


The Wüsthof Classic Fillet knife has a 7 inches long blade. This knife is made in Germany with high-carbon stainless steel. This item is a full tang knife with a synthetic polypropylene handle. The handle is resistant to heat and discoloration. 

The blade is highly flexible and narrow. It helps you cut smoothly through the fish skin. There are finger guards on the handle to ensure a secure grip. Moreover, Wüsthof is offering a limited lifetime warranty on this piece of cutlery. 

10. Dry Bag

A dry bag, as its name suggests, will keep your gear dry and safe. If you have a dry bag by your side, you can easily take out your accessories without reaching the far-away kayak storage. 

It is one of the best kayak fishing accessories because it keeps your other gear secured. And if you want to buy the best of all, have a look at the Nature&Friends Dry Bag. 


It is a waterproof bag made of 500D Nylon. Therefore, it is super durable. You can buy it in 10L or 20L capacity and five beaming colors. 

Moreover, this dry bag is made of high-quality, lightweight materials. It will not put very much weight on your kayak. And the affordable price of this product is a cherry on top. 

11. Lightweight Paddles

The last thing you want on your kayak is extra weight. With so much gear around, you must try to lower the boat’s weight as much as you can. You can do so by always buying lightweight accessories. 

It would be best to buy the lightest yet most sturdy paddles when it comes to paddles. This way, you will be relieving your kayak of extra burden. 

BENDING BRANCHES is selling the best kayak fishing accessories on Amazon. Their kayak paddles have a breakage rate of less than 0.03%. 

The Angler Scout kayak fishing paddle by BENDING BRANCHES is the best of its kind.  


This paddle is detachable for easy storage and transportation. It also has adjustable feathering angles. You can adjust it for left-handed or right-handed people. 

Moreover, its blades are reinforced with fiberglass. Thus, this paddle is easy to paddle with smooth strokes. There is also a hook retrieval system on one blade. And you can also secure this paddle to paddle leashes. 

12. Kayak Cart

With all these best kayak fishing accessories, your kayak will weigh more than usual. Therefore, you will need a kayak cart. It will help you quickly get your kayak towards the shore and into the water. 

Kayak carts are best for those kayak anglers who go fishing alone. They can load all of their gear in a kayak and take it into the water without doing a second trip. 


Suspenz Smart Airless DLX is an excellent cart for small kayakers. It is super lightweight due to its aluminum body. Moreover, it has airless tires so that you can ride it over rocks and slippery surfaces as well. 

The rubber bumpers of this exceptional kayak cart make sure your boat does not ding on the cart. Plus, there is a strap for securing your kayak with this cart. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about the 12 best kayak fishing accessories, you can prioritize which of them you need first. I suggest starting with the most basic ones, such as a life jacket, fish finder, anchor system, lip grip, and rod holder. With these five basic accessories, you can start your kayak fishing experience. 

Other than that, if you want to take your kids too for kayak fishing, you must buy the safest kayaks for them. Read this article to learn more about the 10 best kayaks for kids you can buy on Amazon.