10 Terrific Skateboarding Helmets for Kids You Can Buy on Amazon

Any sport that involves wheels or speed deserves protective gear. And when it comes to the safety of children, you have to be extra cautious. Skateboarding helmets for kids make sure your child speeds down the street safely and enjoys a fun ride. 

To help you choose, we have tested and reviewed the 10 safest skateboarding helmets for kids. Let’s have a look at them. 

 1. Triple Eight LIL 8 Kids Skateboarding Helmet


Triple Eight is the most trustable brand for manufacturing safe skateboarding helmets for kids. The LIL 8 skateboarding helmet is certified with CPSC and ASTM F-1492 standards. It means this helmet will provide dual protection to your kid. 

The outer surface of this skateboarding helmet is made from tough ABS. On the other hand, the interior is covered with soft EPS foam. Moreover, the EPS foam has two Sweatsaver Fit Pads. These are moisture-wicking pads that keep the head dry and sweat-free. 

This skateboarding helmet is easy to put on and remove due to its side release buckle. The chin strap is padded to fit more comfortably. It is also adjustable. 

This skateboarding helmet comes in standard size. However, you can remove the Fit Pads for a better fitting. This skateboarding helmet is best for kids of age around 5. 


  • It is dual-certified. 
  • Its inner shell has moisture-wicking pads, which are also removable. 
  • It is highly comfortable due to chin strap padding and soft EPS liner. 


  • A bit heavier than other contenders. 
  • Expensive. 

2. JBM Skateboarding Helmets for Kids


Our next pick is much more affordable than the famous Triple Eight Helmet. JBM helmets are made with the best protective gear so that your kids can skateboard safely on the street. 

This skateboarding helmet for kids can be used for multi-sports activities. Your kid can wear it for skateboarding, scootering, roller skating, cycling and more. It will be your kid’s safety angel. 

This helmet has multiple ventilation holes. These make sure the head stays cool and dry even on a hot day. Moreover, JBM skateboarding helmets for kids are unisex. Their chin straps are adjustable, so these helmets fit both girls and boys. 

The outer shell is hard enough to withhold several impacts. Additionally, the inner surface has PVC, PC, and EPS lining. Both these structures provide maximum protection to your child. 


  • It is made of durable materials. 
  • You can buy these helmets at affordable rates. 
  • Comes in many colours.
  •  It has a one-year limited warranty. 


  • The chin strap may be loose for some children. 

3. Schwinn Thrasher Helmet


If you are looking for a lightweight helmet, then you should buy it from Schwinn. They make the most comfortable skateboarding helmets for kids and even for adults

Schwinn Thrasher Helmet is perfect for biking, cycling and skateboarding. The inner EPS lining of this helmet fully covers its two micro-shell layers. These protect the rider from severe impact injury. 

Moreover, there is full-coverage interior padding to give you a comfortable experience. This padding can be removed and washed whenever you want. 

The thing that we loved about this helmet was its 20 air vents. These vents allow flow-through ventilation and keep the head sweat-free. 

Due to its sleek and stylish design, you can also buy this helmet for yourself. These skateboarding helmets also come in adult sizes. 


  • Stylish design. 
  • It is lightweight yet tough.
  • It has a visor that shades your eyes from the sun. 


  • The chin strap is not very strong. 

4. Raskullz Kitty Cat Skateboarding Helmet for Girls


The cute skateboarding helmets by Raskullz are best on our list to buy for your daughter or niece. These helmets have bright printed graphics on their shells with cute pink straps. 

These helmets comply with U.S. CPSC and ASTM safety standards. These are also certified by Taicang ACT Sporting Goods Testing Co.

The extended shells of these helmets provide maximum head protection to your kid. Their shells are made from PVC and EPS material which absorb shocks. There are air vents in the bodies of these helmets.

This helmet is made especially for children of age 3 to 5 years. It can fit head circumferences ranging from 48 cm to 52 cm. Moreover, the chin straps are adjustable so that you can change their size. 


  • Beautiful bright designs for girls. 
  • These helmets are triple-certified. 
  • The straps are adjustable and super comfortable. 
  • It has aerodynamic cooling vents.


  • They do not make any fun designs for boys. 

5. Bell Marvel Avengers Character Bike Helmets


All kids love marvel superheroes, so why not buy a superhero helmet for them? Bell manufactures skateboarding helmets for kids with marvel graphics. These helmets are both fun and safe to wear. 

These helmets comply with the CPSC 1203 biking and ASTM F1492 skating standards. Moreover, they have a hard outer shell for safe riding in trails and skate parks. 

There are ten vents in the shell for sufficient airflow. So, if your kid wears this helmet on a hot day, their head will still stay cool and dry. Additionally, there is a side squeeze buckle to aid in the easy adjustment. 

It is the perfect skateboard helmet for 10-year-old kids. It can also fit children of age above 14 years. 


  • Exceptional protection with a great shell design. 
  • It is a CPSC 1203 bike, and ASTM F1492 skate complied. 
  • The construction is lightweight and comfortable. 


  • We suggest you should order one size up because this helmet runs small. 

6. Retrospec Dakota Skateboarding Helmets for Kids


Retrospec makes one of the best skateboarding helmets for kids when it comes to comfort. 

The Dakota Skateboarding helmet by Retrospec has two sets of inner pads. These pads allow you a comfortable fit and also absorb sweat. Both pad sets have varying thicknesses. So you can interchange them to get an ideal fitting. 

This helmet protects your child from any head injury with its ABS outer surface and EPS interior. Moreover, it is CPSC and ASTM certified. Thus, you do not have to worry about your child’s protection as long as they wear this helmet. 

This skateboard helmet on Amazon comes in 17 pretty colours. Your child can choose their helmet in their favourite colour. Moreover, it has a universal fitting size. It is for kids of age 14 and above. 


  • Allows a comfortable experience due to interchangeable inner pads. 
  • It is dual-certified. 
  • You can choose from 17 colours. 


  • It is somewhat bulky. 

7. Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet


Razor V-17 helmet is another affordable option. Moreover, Razor did not compensate for the quality and protection due to the low price. The V-17 skateboarding helmets for kids are made with super quality material. 

These helmets are designed ergonomically so that your child stays comfortable wearing them. There are 17 air vents to maximize airflow. The side-release buckle can be fastened with just one hand too. Moreover, it can be adjustable to allow a better fit.

This skateboarding helmet meets the CPSC safety standards. It is safe to wear while skateboarding, roller skating or cycling. Plus, the buckle keeps the helmet in place even during extreme activities. 

You can choose from 4 fabulous designs. Also, these helmets are made for 5 to 8-year-old children. 


  • It comes at a reasonable price. 
  • It is super comfortable because it is built on an ergonomic design. 
  • There are 17 vents for maximum airflow. 


  • You cannot customize the size because it does not have an adjustable strap. 

8. Pro-Rider Classic Bike & Skate Helmet

Pro-Rider Classic Bike & Skate Helmet is also certified with CPSC standards. This helmet has a hard outer shell to protect your kid’s head from high impacts. The inner polyester lining absorbs shocks and reduces the risk of brain injury. 

These skateboarding helmets for kids also come in adult and toddler sizes. You just have to measure their head circumference and match it with the given size chart. 

You do not need to buy a size up. It is because these helmets allow a snug fit due to their padded inserts. These inserts also keep your head in a comfortable position. 

Not only the shell material but the straps of these helmets are also made from durable material. Therefore, if you buy one of these helmets, it will go a long way; until your child outgrows it. 


  • It adjusts pretty well due to padded inserts. 
  • The shell and straps are made from high-quality materials. 
  • Durable.


  • The instructions to measure head circumference could be better. 

9. Punisher Skateboard Helmet


If your kid is 9 to 11 years old, you should buy a Punisher Skateboard Helmet. It is one of the safest skateboarding helmets for kids. It has passed all the strict tests that are required to qualify for the safest helmet. 

This helmet has ABS covering and EPS lining. The internal lining absorbs shock waves and vibrations. It is how this helmet protects the head against brain injury. 

There are also removable seal pads on the interior. You can remove it to customize the size. The 13 air vents on the exterior keep the head sweat-free. 

This skateboarding helmet has a heavy-duty nylon strap. It prevents the helmet from falling during sudden movements. Moreover, it is super comfortable. This helmet weighs 14.4 ounces, so it is lightweight too. 


  • Complies with ASTM and CSPS safety standards. 
  • It has an adjustable and comfortable nylon strap. 
  • Shock-absorbing inner padding to protect against injuries.


  • It does not come with proper instructions.

10. PATHLANE Skateboard Bike Helmet for Kids Youth Adult


PATHLANE helmets are the most fun skateboarding helmets for kids, and here’s why. These helmets come with professional quality markers. Your kids can draw graffiti on the shell with these markers. This way, their helmets will have unique prints designed by themselves. 

Moreover, the prints are made from scratch-proof and water-proof ink. So do not worry about scratched designs any time now. If your kid wants to draw new graffiti, you can remove the previous one with the cleaning gel. The cleansing gel comes in the package.

Other than the fun part, these helmets are super safe to wear. They meet the CPSC standards for skateboarding helmets. The shell is made from durable material, both inside and outside. 

It is a lightweight helmet that adults can also wear. But make sure you choose the size right. The youth and adult section in the size chart will guide you to choose the perfect size for your head. 


  • Allows a fun experience for your kid. 
  • CPSC certified. 
  • Both for kids and adults. 


  • The strap material needs some improvement. 

Skateboarding Helmets for Kids: FAQ 

Skateboarding helmets for kids

How are skateboard helmets different from bike helmets?

You fall fewer times on a bike than on a skateboard. But due to high speed on the bike, the injury could be severe. It is why bike helmets are designed to bear one enormous impact. After that, you should buy a new helmet. 

On the other hand, skateboard helmets can withstand several small-scale impacts. These are made with softer foam.

How do I know a skateboarding helmet is safe?

If a helmet is certified with CPSC, EN, or ASTM standards, it means it is safe to wear. 

How can I choose the best skateboarding helmets for kids?

You need to learn the basic requirements before you buy a skateboarding helmet for your kid. If you do not know those requirements, read this beginner-friendly buying guide

Final Thoughts

The Triple Eight LIL 8 Kids Skateboarding Helmets are among these contenders, the best skateboarding helmets for kids. It is because this helmet is super safe to wear due to its dual certifications. Moreover, it is made from high-quality materials that will last longer. 

Although it is a bit expensive, the quality is worth the price. For a more affordable purchase, you should buy a JBM Skateboarding Helmet. It is second to none when it comes to having protective gear.