10 Lightest Basketball Shoes to Buy for Speed

It is easier to buy typical basketball shoes due to the many options. The real challenge is to find the lightest basketball shoes with limited options available. Lightweight basketball shoes increase your speed and also improve your overall performance. It is why you must consider buying a lightweight pair for your basketball games. 

To help you choose, I reviewed the 10 lightest basketball shoes offered by the top brand. These honest reviews will tell you about the pros and cons of each pair. So let’s read them. 

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1. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloud foam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoes

Adidas is one of the top brands that manufacture the lightest basketball shoes. Their Performance Cloudfoam Ilation shoes have the most exquisite design. These shoes are not only lightweight but also super durable. 

These shoes are made of 100% synthetic material. Plus, they have rubber soles. Due to the firm grip of their soles, you can wear them on hard outdoor courts or wooden indoor ground. These versatile shoes go with every type of floor because they are abrasion-resistant. 

Additionally, these shoes feature several perforations on their sides. These perforations are the reason behind their high breathability. Other than that, these have a CLOUDFOAM sock liner and midsole. These provide extra cushioning to them. 

If you want the best of the best, this pair of Adidas shoes are a great option. These shoes are available in 5 colors, and I am sure you will love them all. 


  • Air mesh collar, tongue and rear for added breathability. 
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor courts. 
  • Weigh 0.02 pounds only. 


  • White-coloured shoes get dirty quickly. 

2. Under Armour Speed form Miler Pro Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Speed form Miler Pro shoes are not only one of the lightest basketball shoes but also the most comfortable ones. They have a one-piece engineered upper and snug-fit ankle area. These make sure your feet remain in their most comfortable position. 

These shoes are best for those who want extra support for their feet. There are external heel counters on these shoes to support your heel. Plus, the foam fitting will support your arch area. To lower toe drag, these shoes have a no-sew synthetic overlay. 

Under Armour really knows how to provide maximum comfort to its wearers. They place perforations on their Speed form Miler Pro shoes to increase breathability. Due to these perforations, you can wear them all day long without worrying about sweaty feet. 


  • Super comfortable and lightweight. 
  • These are available in 10 different colors. 
  • Additional support on the heel area. 


  • A bit more expensive. 

3. Nike Men’s Hyper dunk X Low Basketball Shoe

Nike needs no introduction here. It is already a leading brand for manufacturing sports accessories and apparel. Nike Men’s Hyper dunk X Low Shoes are also one of the lightest basketball shoes available in the market.

These shoes have extra protection in their heel and forefoot. This small detail not only keeps your feet supported but also comfortable. Moreover, these shoes have a full mesh upper. It increases their breathability.  

The outsole of these Nike shoes has wavy traction. It provides an optimal grip on wooden indoor surfaces. Therefore, these shoes are the best option for indoor basketball players. 


  • Excellent heel and forefoot support. 
  • Maximum breathability due to mesh upper. 
  • Ideal for indoor players. 


  • The grip is not so excellent for outdoor or dusty courts. 

4. Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Lightest Basketball Shoes

Under Armour shoes give you the ultimate premium feel, and it’s why I love their products. Their Jet Mid Basketball shoes are no less in comfort and feel than other products. These shoes are the lightest basketball shoes I’ve ever tried on. Moreover, these are great for speed. 

No matter how long you wear these Men’s Jet shoes, your feet will stay sweat-free. These shoes have synthetic upper and ventilated mesh on the midfoot panel. These two are responsible for increased breathability. 

These have die-cut EVA sock liners. Therefore, the cushioning provided by these shoes is remarkable. You will never get tired of playing basketball in these terrific shoes. 


  • Molded heel area for extra support. 
  • Enhanced cushioning around the ankle. 
  • These shoes are available in 10 colors. 


  • These have little arch support. 

5. Under Armour Men’s Curry 5 Basketball Shoe

If you are looking for the best basketball shoes for responsiveness, here is an option for you. You should buy Under Armour Curry 5 shoes. These are not only great for agility and responsiveness but also speed. It is because they are super lightweight.

The rubber sole of these shoes helps you grip firmly on the ground and throw the best shots. Do you know what will keep your feet supported during these quick throws? These shoes have special Anafoam containment zones. These are present around the heel and the lateral wall of the forefoot. These zones lock your feet in a supported position. 

Another great reason to love these shoes is their arch support. These basketball shoes offer excellent arch support. The shaft measures mid-top from that area and supports your arch like no other shoes. 


  • Ideal for responsive players. 
  • Excellent arch support. 
  • Three color choices are available. 
  • Anafoam containment zones for support and comfort. 


  • Expensive. 

6. Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Basketball Shoe

The next pair on my list is Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 basketball shoes. These are best for those players who prefer comfort and flexibility upon all. These shoes have bounce cushioning that give your premium feel and ultimate comfort. The GeoFit construction adds up to the comfort and support.

These shoes feature webbing eyelets and a cable lacing system. These are also one of the lightest basketball shoes. The TPU-coated fibers of these shoes make them the most lightweight of all. 

Forge Fiber mesh upper of these shoes make sure your feet stay sweat-free and breathable all day long. 


  • Bounce cushioning and GeoFit construction for comfort. 
  • Lightweight TPU coated fibers. 
  • Forge-Fiber mesh for breathability. 


  • Only one color option is available. 

7. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe

Nike pays homage to the late basketball champion Kobe Bryant through its Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball shoes. These shoes feature great attributes that help you play like a pro on the basketball court. Let me state some of its remarkable qualities. 

First of all, these shoes are one of the lightest basketball shoes you can buy on Amazon. The synthetic design of these shoes makes it so easy for the player to play with speed and agility. 

The upper is made of high-quality mesh that promotes breathability and good airflow. Therefore, these shoes are equally great to wear in hot summers. Plus, these shoes have a rubber sole with a firm grip. This sole increases traction for you to play on any surface. 


  • The lightweight design allows for more speed and responsiveness. 
  • Highly breathable mesh upper. 
  • Great for traction. 


  • Too expensive. 

8. PUMA Clyde Hardwood Basketball Shoes

Another exemplary basketball shoes for comfort and speed are PUMA Clyde Hardwood shoes. These feature EVA midsole and Pro Foam cushioning. This cushioned midsole makes these shoes super comfortable. 

The outsole is designed in a way to provide you optimal traction during the game. Moreover, the upper has a mesh layer to improve airflow towards the feet. This mesh layer keeps the feet well-ventilated and sweat-free. 

These incredible basketball shoes are available in six colors. All the shoes in this PUMA collection have a sleek design and a chic look. Did I mention these shoes are made of synthetic textile? Therefore these are super durable as well. 


  • EVA sole for added comfort and cushioning. 
  • Good ventilation and breathability due to mesh upper. 
  • It is very affordable. 


  • These basketball shoes are not ideal for outdoor games. 

9. Adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 7 Basketball Shoes

Adidas has the most terrific collection for female basketball players. Their Dame 7 basketball shoes are one of a kind. These shoes are the lightest, classiest, and most comfortable shoes at a very affordable price. 

One thing I loved about this basketball shoe collection by Adidas is that all shoes are Unisex. So if you are a male player, you can also wear these shoes to your basketball games. 

These shoes are made from 100% synthetic textile, and thus these are soft and lightweight. Their rubber soles give you just the right amount of traction on the basketball court. Moreover, these have an extended ankle area. It ensures your feet are protected from occasional ankle injuries during the game. 


  • These come at a reasonable price. 
  • All pairs are unisex. 
  • These are available in 6 beautiful colors. 
  • Great ankle support. 


  • Not so good for breathability. 

10. Under Armour Men’s Spawn 3 Basketball Shoes

Last but not least, Spawn 3 Basketball Shoes by Under Armour is a great pair to buy. These are also the lightest basketball shoes. Therefore, these will help you when your most challenging basketball matches with great speed and comfort. 

These shoes with rubber soles will keep your feet tightly gripped to the wooden ground. These rubber soles will provide optimal traction and responsiveness. Moreover, the mesh upper is a great addition to provide good airflow to your feet. And it’s not just one part; the whole upper has a mesh layer for maximum ventilation. 

Because these shoes are available in 7 different colors, women players can also buy them. 


  • These offer a firm grip. 
  • Maximum ventilation. 
  • These are available in 7 fantastic colors. 
  • Well-suited for both male and female players. 


  • The cushioning could have been better. 

How to Find the Lightest Basketball Shoes for Yourself? (Buyer’s Guide)

lightest basketball shoes

The following factors will help you find and choose the lightest basketball shoes for yourself in 2021.


Lightweight shoes are made from lightweight material but are that material durable. Most lightweight materials cannot withstand harsh conditions or daily use. Therefore, you have to pay special attention to the material and durability of the shoes you buy. 

If a shoe is made from textile or synthetic material, it is equally lightweight and sturdy. Therefore, synthetic/textile shoes are your best shot. 


This feature should never be compromised when buying a basketball shoe. The best type of basketball shoes that provide support to the player is high top or mid-top shoes. 

Moreover, if you want a comfortable experience, you need to look for more cushioning in the shoes. EVA foam cushioning in basketball shoes is best to keep your feet comfortable. 


Breathability is another thing you need to consider. A breathable shoe allows optimal airflow through it. This airflow keeps the feet well-ventilated, dry, and thus sweat-free. 

Basketball shoes with a mesh upper are the best in terms of breathability. So, make sure the shoes you buy have a mesh upper. 

Lightest Basketball Shoes: FAQ

Why are lightweight basketball shoes better? 

Lightweight basketball shoes offer more speed and agility. Moreover, these increase your physical stamina on the basketball court. So if you want to give your best on your next basketball game, make sure you wear lightweight shoes to it. 

What are the coolest basketball shoes?

Under Armour makes the coolest basketball shoes that are also lightweight. Each of their collections has various color and design options. 

Can I wear indoor basketball shoes outdoors?

Indoor shoes have thinner soles and softer material. If you wear them outside, they will lose their grip, function, and color. It is better to wear it only on indoor wooden courts. 

Final Verdict

If you ask about my favourite pair of the lightest basketball shoes, I will say they are by Adidas. Their Performance Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoes. These incredible shoes are the best for speed, agility, comfort, and support. 

Their CLOUDFOAM sock liners provide comfortable cushioning. Moreover, the rubber soles provide optimum traction. The mesh upper of these shoes is the best for breathability. Plus, their synthetic construction makes them durable. What else to ask for? 

I have another suggestion too if you want something even more comfortable. You should consider buying Under Armour Speedform Miler Pro Basketball Shoes for comfort.