10 Incredible Women’s Ski Helmets You Can Wear On a Ski Trip

Skiing on ice may seem all fun and games, but it is dangerous. The mountains are not just covered with soft snow; they have rocks and trees scattered on them. It is why buying a ski helmet along with skis is essential. Ski helmets come in different styles; for men, women, and toddlers. If you are looking for a women’s ski helmet, you have come to the right place. We have reviewed the 10 most incredible women’s ski helmets you can consider buying this winter. Let’s have a look at them.

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1. Smith Optics Mirage-MIPS Women’s Ski Helmet


Smith Optics Mirage-MIPS is the best women’s ski helmet of the year 2021. The many premium features of this helmet are the reason behind its demand. 

Firstly, this ski helmet comes in 9 different colors. Secondly, there are dozens of sizes available at the moment. Thirdly, men can also wear this ski helmet. In conclusion, it is a genius buy for ski trips!

Let’s talk about its features. This women’s ski helmet has an in-mold outer shell. All its parts are made from ultra-lightweight materials. Thus, your neck will not get tired even if you wear this helmet all day. 

Moreover, it has an AirEvac ventilation system. This system includes 14 vents. These vents keep the warmth inside and the cold air outside.

The shell’s inside is lined with soft and cozy fleece that keeps your head warm in cold weather. Additionally, this ski helmet has audio-compatible air pads. These are SmartFit SL ear pads. These soft air pads make sure your ears stay protected from injuries and cold. 


  • Adjustable climate control
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Unisex


  • Expensive

2. JetBlaze Ski Helmet for Women


JetBlaze Snow Helmet is the best women’s ski helmet for safety. It has been EN1077, and ASTM certified after a series of intensive safety tests. 

This helmet has an in-mold construction. Its outer shell is made from strong ABS material, and the inner is lined with soft EPS foam. This foam lining protects your head from impact injuries. 

The ear pads have holes in them to improve ventilation. Moreover, this ski and snowboarding helmet has eight vents. These vents are adjustable. You can control the airflow depending on the weather. 

Therefore, it is an excellent ski helmet to use in various skiing locations. Also, this women’s ski helmet has an adjustable dial. It lets you adjust the shell to fit your head. 


  • It has a goggle strap clip. 
  • EN1077 and ASTM certified. 
  • You can use it in various weather conditions. 


  • The button for vents is a bit stiff. 

3. Retrospec Zephyr Ski & Snowboard Helmet 


Zephyr is the most affordable yet good-quality women’s ski helmet on Amazon at the moment. It has ABS plastic on the outside and EPS inner lining. Both these materials give protection to the head. 

Moreover, the EPS interior is shock-absorbant. Thus, you get added protection from the inside lining. 

This snowboarding helmet has nine vents in its shell. These vents are adjustable. Thus, you can wear this helmet in both winters and summers.

The Zephyr helmet by Retrospec also has an adjustable size dial. With this dial, you can adjust the shell to whichever fitting you like. 

This snowboard helmet is compatible with goggles because it has clips for attachment. There are also two plush earmuffs. These keep you warm and cozy in winter. You can remove them on a hot day. 


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable size
  • Removable ear muffs


  • The chin strap is harder to adjust. 

4. WildHorn Outfitters Ski-Helmets Drift


WildHorn Outfitters is the most trusted brand for buying women’s ski helmets. It is because even the US ski team wears Wildhorn helmets in their games. 

Let us tell you what else makes this helmet the best? It weighs 25% less than the ski helmets of other brands. With its low-profile construction, you can enjoy your skiing adventure to the fullest. 

This helmet is super comfortable due to the ultra-plush interior liner. The earmuffs provide insulation to your ear, and these are also audio compatible. It is a cherry on top! 

Additionally, the shell is designed to absorb shocks and impacts. It is made of PC material from the outside and EPS from the inside. This in-mold construction keeps your head fully protected from any injuries. 


  • Excellent ventilation with 13 adjustable vents. 
  • Adjustable size. 
  • ASTM and EN1077 certified.
  • It comes in 9 colors.


  • Some colors may vary from the actual description. 

5. Odoland Ski Helmet


If you want to buy a women’s ski helmet with goggles, you must shop from Odoland. They make excellent snowboard and ski helmets whose quality is unmatched. 

This buy is a complete set that you can buy at a jaw-dropping price. You can also wear this ski helmet while snowboarding and skating. Moreover, these are certified helmets. It means the goggles and helmet will 100% protect you from serious injuries. 

Odoland Ski Helmet has ten vents placed strategically in its body. These maintain good airflow through the helmet. 

Additionally, the goggles are designed on a Flow-Tech Venting design. These are fog-proof and allow airflow over the lens. As a result, you get a clear view while wearing these goggles. 

Odoland does not compromise on comfort. It is why their ski helmets have soft ear muffs to keep you warm in chilly weather. Moreover, it has a cozy lining on the inside for added comfort. It also has a soft band for the chin. 


  • It comes with goggles.
  • Great ventilation system
  • Removable ear muffs
  • Adjustable size


  • Do not fit well on toddlers. 

6. TurboSke Ski Helmet


Another great women’s ski helmet to ensure safety is TurboSke Ski Helmet. It has been ASTM F-2040 certified after going through dozens of safety tests. You can wear it to any of your snow sports trips, leaving behind the fear of getting injured. 

The EPS liner on the inside and ABS on the outside are infused together. These features give you a lightweight, shock-absorbing, and durable product. This ski helmet has an in-mold design with a ventilation system. It keeps you warm in low temperatures and dries on a hot day. 

Additionally, the warm earpads of this helmet are removable. And luckily, these ear pads are also audio compatible. 

There is also a size adjustable dial to help fit the helmet snugly. Moreover, the back part has a goggles strap. You can easily attach your eyewear with it.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy 
  • Adjustable size
  • Audio compatible


  • It is not rainproof. 

7. Oakley snow-sports-helmets


Oakley ski helmet has all the features that are required in a perfect women’s ski helmet. It has a strong ABS outer cover and soft EPS inner lining. The lining is removable so that you can detach it for washing. 

This in-mold ski helmet has adjustable venting for various kinds of weather. Moreover, it is audio compatible. You can attach your speakers with earmuffs. The BOA 360 closure system helps you readjust the helmet size using a dial. It is an excellent feature for growing kids. 

Additionally, this helmet has a Fidlock magnetic buckle. You can quickly wear this helmet using just one hand. You can also go brimless. Two brim designs do not affect your goggles attachment. 

One last feature that makes this helmet one of the best in its MIPS brain protection. There is a special lining inside the helmet. It reduces impact to your brain in case of a fall.


  • ASTM F20240 and CE EN1077 certified.
  • Magnetic Buckle.
  • MIPS protection. 


  • Heavy

8. Giro Ceva MIPS Women’s Ski Helmet


Giro Ceva Women’s Ski Helmet is one of the most rugged ski helmets you can buy. It has a hard ABS outer shell and soft EPS inner lining. Moreover, it is designed on MIPS technology. It provides your head extra protection. 

This stunning helmet will fit perfectly on your head. It is because it has an adjustment dial for size. You can quickly turn it around even while wearing gloves. 

The vents in its shell are adjustable. You can control the airflow through these vents to enjoy a better experience. Moreover, there is a Stack Vent on the front that keeps your goggles fog-free. 

Additionally, this ski helmet is compatible with audio systems. For the best experience, you should buy Giro audio systems from Outdoor Tech. 


  • Rugged construction
  • Lightweight
  • MIPS protection
  • Audio compatible


  • Chin strip is not padded. 

9. POC Obex Pure Ski Helmet


POC Obex Pure is a low-profile ski helmet you can wear to enjoy the safest skiing trip. This helmet makes sure you are safe from injuries while skiing. 

The outer PC shell of this helmet provides you protection from crashes. There is an inner dial to adjust the size of the shell.

Moreover, the inner lining made of EPS is warm and cozy. It acts as a shock-absorber. Thus, this helmet protects your brain from impact injury. The in-mold design of this helmet is a perfect balance between safety and resilience. 

Also, the front and rear sides have adjustable vents. The vents present on the front allow an excellent airflow towards the goggles. While the rear vents, make sure the cold air flows out of your helmet. Moreover, you can choose from 10 dazzling colors! 


  • The EPS foam and inner lining provide excellent shock absorption. 
  • Made from extremely lightweight material.
  • You can choose from 10 different colors. 


  • It feels tight on the temples. 
  • The helmet does not come with earmuffs. 

10. Pret Helmets Cynic X MIPS Helmet for Women


Helmets by Pret are the best women’s ski helmets when it comes to safety. The Cynic X Ski Helmet by Pret ensures your protection when you go skiing.

The shell is made from advanced composite technology. The inner surface is lined with EPS foam. The upper body and the lateral parts have ACT vents. These keep the cold air outside and warm air inside the helmet. 

The RCS QR fit system present in this helmet makes sure your head fits into it. Moreover, the helmet has MIPS protection. With this protection, your brain stays protected from rotational motions. And luckily, you can choose from 7 different colors. 


  • Made with advanced composite technology. 
  • The rear has a goggle strap for easy attachment of your goggles. 
  • Excellent fitting. 
  • Audio compatible.


  • A bit expensive. 
  • The vents are not adjustable. 

Women’s Ski Helmets: FAQ

Women's Ski Helmet

Can I use a ski helmet as a snowboard helmet?

Yes, you can use ski helmets for skiing as well as snowboarding. Ski helmets are just as same as snowboarding helmets. Both these reduce the risk of head injuries when you go playing snow sports. 

How long does a women’s ski helmet last?

A ski helmet stays excellent in shape and for safety for almost five years. After five years, it is dangerous to wear the same helmet. 

How can I choose the safest women’s ski helmet for me?

If you cannot decide which one is the best for you, read this buying guide. It answers all your questions about the selection process. It also guides you through the main factors you need to consider while buying a women’s ski helmet. 

Final Thoughts

After extensive testing, we declare Smith Optics Mirage-MIPS Women’s Ski Helmet as the best women’s ski helmet. It offers excellent protection and comfort. Due to the MIPS, you can wear this helmet without any fear of getting injured. 

The only drawback is that this ski helmet is a bit expensive. But, no money is worth risking your safety. Thus, this helmet is a must-buy.