10 Best Women’s Soccer Cleats to Buy in 2022

A good pair of soccer cleats makes it possible to play with maximum performance. But finding the best pair can be difficult given that you have to consider a lot of factors. If you are a female player looking for a perfect pair of soccer cleats, you are in the right place. Today, we are reviewing the 10 best women’s soccer cleats one can buy for their 2022 soccer games. So look no further, read these in-depth reviews, and choose a great pair of soccer shoes for yourself. 

1. Adidas Women’s Goletto VI Soccer Shoes


Goletto 6 has topped our list of best women’s soccer cleats due to its exceptional comfort. These soccer cleats are made from 100% synthetic fiber. Therefore, these are super comfortable and lightweight. 

Moreover, the outsole is made from a firm material. As a result, these cleats are great for speed and traction on the ground. On the other hand, the insole is soft and comfortable. It is made from EVA foam to offer you a relaxing experience. 

The 11 studs on these shoes are made of rubber. You can wear these on turf as they are more stable and offer excellent grip. The sturdy design is one main reason why these are the best women’s soccer cleats for defenders. 

The aesthetic design makes these cleats a favorite pair of every female athlete. 


  • Super comfortable due to EVA insole.
  • Made from high-quality materials. 
  • Come at an affordable price. 


  • You should buy one size up as these cleats run small. 

2. LEADER SHOW Women’s Performance Soccer Cleats 


Another great soccer cleats that provide great support are Leader Show Soccer Cleats. These have a rubber sole and a cushioned midsole. Both these parts offer unmatched support and stability while you play on the ground. 

These are the best women’s soccer cleats if you play on turf or soft grass. The numerous studs on the sole keep your feet firm on the ground. It is because these are made of non-slip material. These also provide great traction and speed. 

Other than that, these soccer cleats are super breathable and lightweight. It is because the upper is made from Polyurethane. PU also allows your feet to fit comfortably into these shoes. 

Moreover, these shoes offer good arch support. So your feet will not get painful or tired after playing on the ground for the whole day.


  • Upper made from breathable material. 
  • Good arch support. 
  • Rubber soles offer excellent stability. 


  • The package does not come with a shoebox. 

3. PUMA Women’s Evospeed 3 FG Soccer Cleat


PUMA Evospeed soccer cleats are the best in their class. These are made from 100% synthetic material, and it is why these cleats are super lightweight. While wearing these cleats, you will feel as if you are running with your bare feet. 

Moreover, the insoles have soft EVA foam padding. With more cushioning, your feet stay comfortable, your arches remain supported. Additionally, these shoes have extended heel and tongue tabs. These parts provide added support to your feet while running. 

Due to the glossy exterior, these soccer cleats are resistant to water. You can play in the rain wearing these cleats without getting your feet wet. 

These shoes are great for those players who have narrow feet. It is because these soccer cleats offer a snug fit with all the cushioning in them. But if you have wide feet, you should buy one size up compared to your normal size. 


  • Super comfortable
  • Tolerant of all weather conditions. 
  • Lightweight


  • Not so great for people with wide feet. 

4. Adidas Women’s Ace 17.4 Fg Soccer Cleats


Adidas Ace is the best women’s soccer cleats for newbie players. The sole offers incredible grip so that you can move at a fast speed with excellent stability. Moreover, the firm outsole provides great traction. It is very much required for beginners. 

One of the features that we loved so much about these shoes is their lightweight material. These soccer cleats are made of 100% synthetic material. As a result, these are so lightweight, and thus you can run at lightning speed wearing them. They offer you complete control over the ball and your movements. 

The upper is covered with an ultra-thin film that protects it from debris and water. It also has a layer of prime mesh. Therefore, these soccer cleats fit your feet perfectly. 


  • Offer you complete control being extremely lightweight. 
  • The upper has a protective covering. 
  • Snug fit due to the prime mesh upper. 
  • Best soccer cleats for beginners. 


  • Not as durable as other contenders on the list. 

5. Under Armour Women’s Magnetico Premiere Soccer Cleats


Under Armour has designed the Magnetico Premiere Soccer Cleats with UA FormTrue technology. Moreover, they have used cushioning in the footbed. It is why the Magnetico Premiere is the best women’s soccer cleats when it comes to speed. 

The footbed is ultra-responsive, and the upper is super flexible. Both these offer great speed while keeping you stable on the ground. 

Additionally, the ankle neck is made from soft synthetic material. It adds up to the stability provided by these soccer cleats. The toe box is also made super soft and comfortable.

These shoes have bladed round and conical studs. The conical studs let you quickly change directions. Therefore, these are great for agility and traction. 


  • These shoes have a flexible upper due to UA FormTrue technology.
  • The soft ankle neck offers extra stability. 
  • These soccer cleats have all types of studs for maximum performance. 


  • These shoes run small. It would be best if you shopped for a pair that is one size up. 

6. Adidas Performance Girl’s X 15.3 FG/AG Soccer Cleats


If the style is your first preference, then you should buy our next contender. Adidas Performance Soccer Cleats are next to none when it comes to performance. Other than that, they are super stylish to wear. 

These shoes, again, are made of synthetic material. It is why these are comfortable and lightweight. 

The sole and studs are also made of synthetic material. Therefore, these shoes let you move at a fast speed with great traction. Moreover, these shoes have a soft mesh upper. It keeps your feet breathable and sweat-free. 

Additionally, the hybrid outsole is super responsive and flexible. It allows you to move with agility. And do not worry about the grip and stability. These soccer cleats are built to give you the maximum fraction of both. 


  • A breathable upper that keeps your feet dry and cool. 
  • Hybrid soles for grip, agility, and traction. 
  • Stylish design.
  • Perfect for narrow feet. 


  • Do not support your arch very well. 

7. Diadora Women’s Maracana L Soccer Cleats


With the finest Italian craftsmanship, Diadora makes one of the best women’s soccer cleats. The Maracana L Soccer Cleats by Diadora is best known for the flexibility they provide. 

These shoes are made from 100% leather. Therefore, these are durable and long-lasting. The sole is made from 100% synthetic material. This lightweight material is the reason behind the speed offered by these shoes.

Let’s talk about comfort. These Diadora soccer cleats have double cushioning in their insoles. As a result, these are highly comfortable. It is why many international players prefer to wear these Diadora cleats to their games. 

These shoes are also great for beginners because of their flexibility. You can run at a fast speed without worrying about falling over. Moreover, these are designed to fit women’s feet perfectly. There is no need to buy a size up or down.


  • Offer maximum flexibility.
  • Great for newbies as well as professional players. 
  • Made of high-quality materials. 


  • Not so stylish. 

8. Nike Hypervenom Phantom Vision Pro DF FG Soccer Boots


These Nike Women’s Soccer Cleats are built for those who want complete ball control. The synthetic material has a texture imprinted on it. Plus, it makes the shoe lightweight. Therefore, you get maximum control over the ball. 

Other than this, these shoes do not have any laces. It is beneficial for those players who want more strike zone. Despite no laces, these shoes fit comfortably in your feet due to the soft and snug insole. 

The outsole is made of a firm material, so it gives you traction and speed. However, it is not so great when it rains. This material should have been water-resistant to offer the best performance. But no need to worry, these shoes will not get muddy in the rain. 

These soccer cleats have a full collar for ankle support. It keeps your feet stabilized and allows a perfect fit. 


  • Excellent ball control. 
  • More strike zone due to the no-lace feature. 
  • Full ankle support. 


  • Not resistant to wet weather conditions. 

9. MALAXD AG Soccer Cleats for Men and Women


The best women’s soccer cleats for stability are MALAXD AG Shoes. Its heel, sole, and design are specifically designed to offer you support. 

These soccer cleats have a fully wrapped heel. On the other hand, the shoe toe line has a knitted area. These two greatly increase stability. 

These shoes have a non-slip design, and the sole has a firm grip. Therefore, you can walk and run at a fast speed without tripping. 

The upper is made of non-foldable material. The micromesh of the upper increases ventilation, keeping your feet dry. Other than that, the sole is made of rubber. This grippy material is the secret behind the stability offered by these cleats. 


  • These shoes offer great stability and support. 
  • Excellent breathability due to the micromesh upper. 
  • The outsole is made of anti-slip and wear-resistant technology. 
  • Come at a reasonable price. 


  • The material is not high-quality. 

10. Diadora Capitano Soccer Shoes for Women


For those women players that have wider feet, Diadora Capitano is a perfect choice. These women’s soccer cleats come in two elegant colors: colombia blue and navy blue. 

The firm outsole of these shoes has anti-abrasion rubber in its construction. It provides you stability as you run over turf or natural grass. Moreover, the upper is made of soft synthetic PU. It is why these shoes are comfortable as well as lightweight. 

The insoles of these soccer cleats have EVA cushioning. This cushioning has fixed cotton in it. It acts as a great shock-absorber. Therefore, these shoes protect your feet from impacts and injuries. 

The outsole has a pattern of rubber studs. These keep your feet firm and stabilized on the ground. These are also great for traction and support. 


  • Ideal for players with wide feet. 
  • Made from high-quality materials. 
  • The sole is made of anti-abrasion rubber. 


  • There is no arch support. 

Best Women’s Soccer Cleats: FAQ 

What do the signs SG and FG indicate?

SG means soft ground, while FG means firm ground. SG shoes are great for soft ground when it is wet. These types of soccer cleats offer you maximum grip. 

On the other hand, FG shoes are best to wear when playing on a hard surface. These shoes provide you with maximum stability.

Why are my new soccer cleats uncomfortable?

If you have bought one of the above items, but they seem uncomfortable to you, the reason is not the product. It is because all soccer cleats feel uncomfortable at first until you train in them. With time, your feet will adjust to them, and you won’t feel uncomfortable at all. 

How can I find the best soccer cleats for women?

Read this buying guide if you do not know what to look for when shopping for soccer cleats. It explains in detail the factors you need to consider to buy the best women’s soccer cleats. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the basic pros and cons of all the best women’s soccer cleats, you can easily pick a pair for yourself. Do not just look at the prices. Other factors matter more when you want the best product.

In our opinion, Adidas Women’s Goletto VI Soccer Cleats are the best shoes to buy even for 2022. Every feature required in the ideal women’s soccer cleats is present in Goletto VI of Adidas.