10 Best Soccer Cleats that will Help you Ace Your Soccer Matches

Choosing the best soccer cleats can be so overwhelming given the number of choices available. All the leading brands are launching new pairs consistently, so it is really hard to keep up. 

This guide will help you choose the best soccer cleats for you that have the latest tech, most excellent designs, and sassiest features. So, let’s review the top pairs one by one. 

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1. Puma Ultra 1.1 Soccer Cleats

Puma Ultra 1.1 is designed to be as lightweight as possible to give you maximum agility and speed on the field. These soccer cleats weigh 160 grams only. Its upper is woven from yarns which are coated with polyester. These yarns are then reinforced with carbon and aramid fiber yarns. As a result, these boots have a soft upper that is also light and strong. 

These soccer shoes are lined with a pretty thin layer of foam. It gives a plush and a padded sensation on the inside. The toe box is spacious, so your feet fit snugly into it.  

Despite being lightweight cleats, Puma Ultra 1.1 offers excellent lockdown. It is because their aramid fibers prevent rollover relatively well. Additionally, these shoes have nano grip insoles. These provide excellent stability and grip to your feet. 

The outsole has aggressive chevron-bladed studs. These offer a lot of bite in all directions. All in all, these are the best soccer cleats for acceleration and agility. Check these out here


  • Very responsive due to nano grip insoles. 
  • Lightweight and fast. 
  • Soft and padded insoles. 


  • The toe box might be more spacious for people with narrow feet. 

2. Adidas X Ghosted.1 Soccer Shoes

If you have overlooked our first pick due to the more roomy toe box, you should consider our second in line, Adidas X Ghosted.1. These shoes offer tight feet; thus, these are most suitable for people with slim feet. For speed and traction, Ghosted.2 is also one of the best soccer cleats. 

These boots are lightweight with a speed frame outsole. The outsole has a very stiff and aggressive snapback, which is great for playing on the ground. These shoes have a toe lift shape, and the outsoles have track spikes. This shape and design are achieved by inserting a carbon fiber insert in the forefoot. This design makes them super fast running shoes. Click here to buy. 


  • Snug fit. 
  • Easy to get on. 
  • Unique studs shape.


  • It takes time to get used to the pressure points in the heel. 

3. New Balance Furon V6+ Soccer Cleats

The Furon V6+ Soccer Cleats by New Balance are second to none in their speed and responsiveness. These soccer shoes are so lightweight. As a result, they increase your speed and agility. They have a fit woven upper to give you the sock-like knitted sensation. Due to the thin frame, these offer a premium barefoot feel on the ball. 

Thanks to the soft padding in the insole, these shoes are remarkably comfortable. So if you are looking for comfort, Furon V6+ shoes are the best soccer cleats for a relaxing experience.  

Additionally, these boots maintain a very responsive sensation with the central lacing system. Let us add that the lockdown offered by these is also exceptional. The reason for the great lockdown is the elastic knitted collar. Moreover, the infiniGRIP insole provides you more stability. You can check their price HERE.


  • Super comfortable. 
  • Very responsive when the laces are tied tight.
  • FG stud pattern for enhanced traction and speed. 


  • Expensive. 

4. Adidas Predator Freak.1 Soccer Shoes

Adidas Predator Freak.1. Soccer Shoes are really impressive for their construction. These are one of the best soccer cleats for the most innovative features. Freak.1 boots have a Demon skin on the upper. The fins on the medial and lateral side provide you insane grip over the ball. This extra grip is what makes this product one of the best.

These boots have a firm soleplate. The energy returned from the quick snapback of the soleplate has a significant impact on your performance. It improves your responsiveness and speed. 

The collar is higher than the upper baseline. As a result, it provides more support and stability to your feet. Its outsole has an FG stud pattern; it allows you more traction. Buy these incredible boots before they go out of stock. 


  • Demon skin for added grip. 
  • A solid yet flexible sole. 
  • Higher collar for more support.


  • Not so lightweight. 

5. Nike Vapor 13 Elite Soccer Cleats

Nike Vapor 13 Elite Soccer Cleats is packed to the brim with innovations. The minor updates that Nike made in these soccer shoes might seem lowkey at first sight. But these are actually game-changing. These boots have a more robust material knitted in the fly knit upper. As a result, you get a better fit, more lockdown, high stability, and fast speed. 

The material is super soft, but at the same time, it offers one of the best locked-in sensations on the market. The outsole has stiff midfoot and chevron-shaped studs. These allow you maximum grip. The studs react instantaneously when you push off, so these boots are very responsive. You can check their price here


  • Excellent grip and lockdown. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Highly Responsive. 


  • People with wider feet must buy one size up. 

6. Nike Legend 8 Elite Soccer Cleats

Nike Legend 8 Elite Soccer Cleats are pretty different from their previous four chambers. Still, these are packed to the brim with incredible features. These soccer shoes have Quadfit mesh and an inner flying sleeve. This design gives you a secure personal fit. Moreover, it has a soft leather upper.

The heel is constructed very well to fit perfectly with your foot. And it is why there are blisters or pressure points in these boots so that you can wear them comfortably. 

The fly knit tongue is present under the leather that allows a tighter fit. As a result, you get more responsiveness, sensation, and lockdown. 

These shoes have circular and bladed studs. So these are one of the best soccer cleats for a balance of stability and speed. Check these out HERE


  • Soft and comfortable leather upper. 
  • Responsive. 
  • Allows both speed and stability. 


  • Feels restrictive due to the tight-fitting. 

7. Under Armour Magnetico Pro Soccer Shoes

Under Armour Magnetico Pro are one of the best soccer cleats you can buy for the comfort factor. These have a leather upper which is super soft and comfortable. So you will feel like wearing just another sock with cleats on the bottom. 

These boots are lightweight and thus do not hurt your feet when you hit the ball with them. You can channel as much power and energy you can with these soccer cleats. These have a smooth ankle and tongue, so you can quickly put them on without untying the laces. 

The insoles have soft cushioning to support your foot arch and to increase comfort. The outsole is flexible and has molded studs. The studs allow immense stability on the field. You can check their price here


  • Ultra-responsive and super comfortable. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Easy to put on. 


  • Feels tighter in the beginning. 

 8. PUMA Men’s King Soccer Cleats

These PUMA shoes are one of the best soccer cleats for all types of activities. You can wear them for football or indoor soccer; they will boost your performance. 

These soccer cleats are designed from real leather, and thus, they are super soft and durable. The leather molds around your feet perfectly. It provides an excellent ball feel and comfort to your feet. These shoes have a GripTex ankle lining. It allows your feet to slide in easily by avoiding rubbing. The PU direct-injected outsole of these PUMA cleats helps with comfort. It is because the outsole loosens up enough for good flexibility. But it still provides stability. The numerous round studs provide terrific balance and traction. These shoes have an EVA insole that gives additional padding. 

PUMA King is considered a classic for a reason. Plus, it is not so expensive as compared to other premium-quality cleats. Check out its design HERE


  • Tough durability. 
  • Clean look. 
  • Great cleats for any player. 


  • Not so responsive. 

Now let’s move to more reasonably-priced soccer cleats. 

9. Puma Future 5.2 Soccer Cleats

Puma Future 5.2 boots are the best soccer cleats priced under $140. These boots have a soft plush due to the pliable knitted upper. Their upper is designed on NetFit technology. As a result, you get a smooth, pillow-like sensation on the ball. The collar of these boots is made from neoprene weave. It also stretches as you move your ankle. Thus it provides you just the precise amount of flexibility. 

These Puma boots have TPU sole and conical firm ground studs. Both these elements allow you quick release and fast push-off. Thus, these boots are best suited for those who want more responsive shoes. So buy these NOW!


  • NetFit technology upper. 
  • Soft and comfortable design. 
  • Excellent energy transfer. 


  • Not as soft as Future 5.1. 

10. Adidas Predator 20.2 Soccer Shoes

Adidas Predator 20.2 soccer shoes are one of the best soccer cleats you can buy for under $140. It’s their Demon skin that adds a premium touch to their upper and makes these boots one of the best. The upper of these soccer cleat shoes have rubber fin technology. It provides extra grip for when you strike the ball. While the rest of the boot is relatively decent, you get a textile upper, nice heel, and laces. The upper is super comfortable, and the heel is designed in a low-cut style. And do you know what we love the most about this model? The wide range of color choices! You can choose from six different colors. So grab your favorite pair NOW!


  • Demon skin for grip. 
  • Rubber sole.
  • Great traction.


  • Not as durable. 

How to Choose the Best Soccer Cleats? (The Ultimate Buying Guide)

Soccer Cleats

These are the features that need to be considered while shopping for the best soccer cleats. 

1. Upper of the Cleats

The material used in the upper determines the fitting and comfort of the boots. This material used should also be able to ‘glue’ your feet to the shoes so that you get more responsiveness. It should also be durable and able to withstand high impact. 

2. Cushioning and Padding

Cushioning and padding in the insole also contribute to providing you more comfort. Make sure the cleats that you are buying have some padding and extra cushioning in their insoles. 

3. Stud Design

There are metal studs and plastic studs. Then there are bladed studs and molded studs. All of these possess their characteristics and provide different benefits. 

Metal studs are more durable and allow more traction on the field. But, the chance of injury is higher with these. 

Bladed studs are great for speed and traction. But molded studs offer more stability. 

4. Collar

Soccer cleats have low, mid, or high-cut collars. We recommend you buy the shoes with a high-mid collar. It is also called a firm collar. 

A mid-high collar wraps around your ankle just like a sock. It restricts your ankle motion only to a point. As a result, you get extra stability with quick movements.

Final Thoughts

After considering all the pros and cons, we believe Puma Ultra 1.1 Soccer Cleats are the best soccer cleats one can buy to enjoy a premium experience. The nano grip padded insoles, the solid upper, and the chevron bladed studs are the main reasons these boots are considered the best. These shoes are so lightweight and soft that you will feel them melting like butter on your feet. But quality comes at a price. These shoes are really expensive and cost above $200. So if you want to buy a cheaper pair that is still great at quality, go for Adidas Predator 20.2 Soccer Shoes