10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves You Can Buy for Your Soccer Games

The goalkeeper is one of the significant positions in soccer matches. Being a goalkeeper, you have to throw yourself in front of the ball every time to save the goal. It’s your gloves that protect your hands from the quick shots. For your optimal performance, the quality and style of these gloves matter a lot. 

This guide reviews the 10 best goalkeeper gloves that professional goalkeepers around the globe also wear. This guide will also help you weigh out your options by stating the pros and cons of each product.

1. Reusch Fit Control Pro G3 Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch Fit Control Pro G3 are the most comfortable goalkeeper gloves in the market. Thanks to the G3 technology and ultrasoft foam palm, these gloves are highly responsive.

These negative cut goalie gloves have flat fingers with a square-like shape to them and a round thumb. These allow you a tighter yet flexible grip on the ball. Specially embossed hydro grains are present on the G3 latex of the palm. These grains provide an unbelievably firm grip. They do not let your hands slip, even in wet conditions. 

These gloves are super flexible and allow unrestricted movements to the backhand. The backhand is free due to the Pro latex material. This backhand latex material then extends sideways into a side wrap that fits your hand in place. No wonder above 220 world’s famous soccer champions trust Reusch Gloves as their ultimate partner. So get your pair today


  • G3 latex hydro grain texture for a powerful and sticky grip. 
  • Super lightweight. 
  • Works equally impressive in any weather. 


  • Due to the high demand, these gloves are often out of stock.

2. Sportout Goalkeeper Gloves

Win your next soccer game wearing Sportout Goalkeeper Youth and Adult Goalkeeper Gloves. These goalie gloves give you the utmost confidence. They have improved backbone finger saves to prevent any hyperextension injury. The knitted fabric on the side of the fingers ensures the gloves are breathable for your hands. 

These Sportout Goalie Gloves offer you firm control over the ball. The positive cut design and latex palms are the ones that allow this control. The double-layered wristband provides extra support and protects your wrist from getting sprained.  

These lightweight gloves are available in charcoal black and bright red colors. Get a pair of your choice here


  • Great for injury prevention. 
  • Suitable for all weathers. 
  • Made from durable and breathable EVA and latex material. 


The finger saves are stiff and cause some discomfort when you clench a fist.

3. Future Grip 5.1 Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves

Future Grip 5.1 Hybrid Gloves are jam-packed with splendid features and technologies. These features will force you into buying a pair for yourself. These goalkeeper gloves are resistant to scratches. These gloves are made from latex and PES material. As a result, these are durable and long-lasting. The palm side of the gloves has enhanced latex to increase your grip. The backhand is well stitched and knitted to allow a maximum range of motion. 

Did we mention you also get an Eva mesh bag in the package along with these reasonably-priced gloves? The mesh bag will keep your gloves safe and protected. Click here to get your hands on these yellow-black all-rounder goalie gloves. 


  • The PES material makes these gloves resistant to extreme weather conditions. 
  • Flexible and unrestricted backhand. 
  • Palms are sticky due to enhanced latex technology. 


The zipper for closure instead of a wrist strap is not liked by many. 

4. Nike Premier SGT Goalkeeper Gloves

We all are familiar with the top-notch quality products offered by Nike. The hyper crimson Nike Premier SGT Goalkeeper Gloves by Nike do not disappoint us either. These negative-cut gloves are sturdy and durable. These will help you make the most challenging saves in your soccer games. These are highly resilient and abrasive resistant due to their 100% nylon material. 

Never hesitate to play in heavy rain. The enhanced latex technology of these gloves will let you stop the ball with an intense grip. If your hands sweat a lot, these goalkeeper gloves are the perfect match for you. Their breathable mesh material will keep your hands dry and ventilated. So, buy this cool pair of goalkeeper gloves NOW


  • The wristband closes with a hook and loop strap. 
  • Very durable due to latex and nylon structure. 
  • A budget-friendly product. 


  • The sturdy structure may seem uncomfortable for some people. 

5. K-LO Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves

If you want a more professional touch, then choose K-LO Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves. These are hybrid cut gloves. These have negative cut fingers from the inside and roll fingers on the outside. Negative cut fingers allow a flexible and strong grip. The roll finger surface on the outside provides more surface area and lets you catch the ball firmly. The latex material on the palm and backhand contribute to enhance your grip. These gloves have an elastic Velcro strap and breathable lamination. 

As its name suggests, K-LO gloves have fully equipped protective finger spines. These save you from any possible injury. The padded fingers reduce sudden shocks. 

You will surely fall in love with this great pair of goalkeeper gloves. So don’t wait and buy these here


  • The padding has silicon gel to reduce shocks.
  • Reduced risk of finger injuries due to finger spines. 
  • Fit perfectly due to the negative cut style from inside. 


  • Not the best gloves pair to wear on a hot day.

6. FitsT4 Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves

FitsT4 Goalkeeper Gloves will let you have complete control of your hand movements. These goalie gloves are made from a combination of latex and ultra-soft elastic foam. These materials swiftly channel the energy from the ball into your hands as you save a goal. The protective bandage strap is double-layered. It locks into its place and ensures a comfortable grip. 

These outclass goalie gloves are positive cut. The latex on the palm and fingers is 3mm wide. It is equipped with highly-durable padding. This padding protects you from hyperextension injuries by absorbing excessive impact. The same padding and latex structure extend to the backhand. This padding makes these gloves durable. The knitted fabric of these goalie gloves is breathable and permeable to moisture. This allows you maximum comfort. Save yourself a pair of these ultimate gloves! 


  • You can choose from various sizes. 
  • Increased durability and protection due to latex and elastic foaming. 
  • Includes finger save system. 


  • To use fingersaves, you should go one size up than your actual measurement. 

7. Renegade GK Eclipse Professional Goalie Gloves

Let us introduce you to another exceptional pair of goalkeeper gloves. Renegade GK Eclipse Professional Goalie Gloves are the first antimicrobial pretreated goalkeeper gloves. These prevent bacterial growth and lower the risk of bacterial infections.

These gloves have some splendid features. An extended palm and 180 degrees thumb wrap, for instance. Moreover, these have high-performance German EXT contact grip latex, and 6mm breathable backhand. These make it one of the best Goalkeeper gloves for professionals and trainees. Its extended and pre-arched palm will not allow the ball to skip out of your hands. Buy these incredible goalie gloves here


  • Easy to put on. 
  • Provides excellent wrist support due to neoprene cuff and 360 degrees Duratek strap. 
  • Enough room to add fingersaves. 


  • You have to buy the fingersaves separately.

8. Varzist Goalkeeper Gloves

Varzist has a good reputation for keeping its customers satisfied and content. These provide premium quality athlete wear. Goalkeeper Gloves by Varzist are also one of the best goalie gloves that one can buy. These gloves are made from an improved finger save system. It reduces the risk of finger injuries from the abrupt impact. It is why many professionals prefer wearing Varzist Goalkeeper Gloves. The main reason is that these gloves avoid hyperextension injuries. 

The glove body is made from high-quality latex and breathable mesh. The wrapped thumb increases the contact area so that you can have a better grip on the ball. The wristband closes with a hook and loop strap. It is impossible that this strap opens by itself, so you end up having solid support at the wrist. To buy this pair, click here.


  • Comes at a cheaper rate. 
  • Includes fingersaves. 
  • Wear-resistant, EVA wristband. 


  • The size may differ from the standard value so always order one size up.

9. Blok-IT Goalie Gloves

The Black and White Blok-IT Goalie Gloves are second to none. These all-rounder gloves provide excellent protection. These have secure wrist closure, fingersave spines and tough shielding on the backhand. All these parts include a breathable mesh. As a result, this mesh increases the breathability of these goalkeeper gloves. 

The backhand is also impact-resistant, and it will protect you from any hand injuries. These gloves are designed with extra padding to increase grip over the ball. If you want to boost your confidence and save every goal in your next game, buy these goalie gloves here


  • You can choose from various sizes. 
  • Lower price. 
  • Extremely comfortable due to extra padding. 


  • Lesser durability.

10. UHLSport Dynamic Impulse Goalkeeper Gloves

UHLSport Dynamic Impulse Goalkeeper Gloves have increased the bar of quality and comfort. These goalie gloves are made from 3D embossed SHOCKZONE latex. Therefore, it protects your hand from bruises and impact injuries. The integrated palm structure of these gloves is made of latex and Lycra. It enhances your grip with extra padding. This extra padding does not compromise the breathability of the material. 

Above all, the fingers have enough space to allow free movement. As a result, you can put fingersave spines in them for extra protection. The only downside of these premium gloves is their Lycra material. If you are sensitive to synthetic materials, these will cause you allergies. But if you are not allergic, buy yourself a pair of these high-performance gloves here


  • Enhanced protection. 
  • 3D embossed latex. 
  • Super elastic and stretchable wristband. 


  • Due to Lycra material, these gloves are not ideal for people with sensitive skin. 

How to choose the best Goalkeeper Gloves? (The Ultimate Buying Guide)

Goalkeeper Gloves

These are the things you need to consider before buying a pair of goalie gloves. 

1. Style

Goalkeeper gloves come in negative cut, positive cut, roll finger and hybrid cut style. Each style offers different advantages, so you have to choose as per your preference. Negative cut gloves are ideal for goalies with slimmer hands. Positive cut gloves are best for those who want more room for their fingers. Roll finger gloves allow more contact with the ball and easy handling. Hybrid cut gloves are a blend of roll finger and negative cut, but these are bulkier. 

2. Comfort and Grip

The comfort and grip of the gloves depend on the thickness of the palm and the material used. The more padding the palm has, the more grip it offers. And extra padding also allows a comfortable fit. So it would be best if you go for a pair of gloves with soft padding in their palms and are made from sticky latex material. 

3. Fingersaves

If you want extra protection, you must buy gloves with fingersaves. But if you wish to have free movement of your fingers while playing, these gloves might not be ideal for you. Fingersave spines do reduce injury risks but also restrict movement.

4.Wrist Closure

Strong wrist closure also enhances grip and stability. For more flexibility, buy a pair of goalkeeper gloves that have an elastic wristband. But for more protection and better grip, choose double-banded wrist straps. 

Final Thoughts

Considering all the pros and cons, we believe Reusch Fit Control Pro G3 Goalkeeper Gloves are the best pair you can buy for your soccer games. These all-rounders, premium quality gloves are super durable, weather-resistant and lightweight. The G3 technology is what makes this pair superior to all other competitors. But if you want to go for a lower price, you should buy Sportout Goalkeeper Gloves.