10 Best Cross Training Shoes For Men

Cross-training is a type of full-body workout that engages every muscle of your body. It involves various exercises, such as sprinting, running, and some indoor sports.

Cross-training also incorporates fitness exercises. These exercises improve your agility and make your body healthier. So, to give your best performance, you need to wear the finest shoes. 

Cross training shoes are the type of shoes that you must be wearing while cross-training. These shoes provide you the comfort and necessary support to keep up with your workout routine. 

In this blog post, we have enlisted the 10 best men’s cross-training shoes. The thoughtful reviews below will help you choose the perfect cross-trainers for yourself. 

1. Reebok Men’s Nano X Cross Trainers

Our top pick is Reebok Men’s Nano X Cross Trainers. These are one of the most versatile trainer shoes. These shoes have split outsole construction, and thus, these are great for multi-directional activities. You can wear these shoes for intense workouts, sprinting, climbing, indoor sports, etc. 

Made from durable material, these shoes are abrasive-resistant. Moreover, these have lightweight cushioning to offer more flexibility. The forefoot has a meta split-up construction, so it will keep you stable on the ground. The construction and design make these shoes more responsive. And do not worry; its mesh material is breathable. 

Buy these all-rounder cross-training shoes HERE. You are going to love these! 


  • Flexible forefoot with meta split-up construction.
  • Enhanced stability with a firm heel. 
  • Lightweight and breathable. 


  • Run small. So, you should buy one size up from your actual size. 

2. Nike Men’s Metcon 6 Training Shoes

Our next pick is Nike Men’s Metcon 6 Training Shoes. These shoes are perfect for those athletes who want more stability than responsiveness. Firstly, these shoes have a split insole. The heel part is firmer, and the forefoot is flexible. Secondly, the insole is dual-density, so it keeps your feet warm in the cold. The enhanced density lets you enjoy a comfortable experience. Thirdly, the outsole is durable, and it has grooves just in the right spots. So, more comfort! 

Fourthly, the upper of the shoes is very breathable and keeps the air flowing on a hot day. So, these are the most stable cross training shoes one can buy. These shoes are ideal for weightlifting. So, buy a pair for yourself HERE


  • Super breathable.
  • Highly stable. 
  • Dual-density insole for added comfort. 


  • Weigh a little more than Nike Metcon 5. 

3. PUMA Men’s Fuse Cross Trainers

PUMA Men’s Fuse Cross Trainer Shoes are one of a kind. These shoes are best for those who are dedicated to strength training. The upper is super breathable because it has a nylon mesh as an overlay. The ankle collar and heel has more padding than the other parts. Thus, it is very soft and flexible. The forefoot also has some flex grooves that provide you more flexibility. 

The outsole is very grippy as it consists of a rubber layer. As a result, it provides extra stability. The insole has a shock-absorbing layer, which is our favorite feature! It gives you comfort as you go out running or for a sports match. Buy these shoes now just by clicking HERE


  • Highly flexible outsole.
  • Shock-absorbing midsole. 
  • Extra padding at ankle collar for support. 
  • Flex grooves in the forefoot.


  • A little bit heavier than expected. 

4. Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite G 300 – Cross Training Shoes

Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite G 300 – Cross Training Shoes are also a great choice if you want stability in training. The upper of these shoes have an engineered knit fabric. Also, the back heel area has a ripstop material. The outsole has Graphene in its construction for better grip and enhanced durability. Graphene material is also present in the midsole. Thus, these shoes have an insane grip. The TPU foot cage enhances the support offered by these cross training shoes. 

The cushioning is miraculously comfortable. So, you can workout for hours wearing these shoes. The most interesting fact about these cross trainers is their color variety. Inov-8 lets you choose from 9 different colours! So grab your favourite pair of these cross trainers from HERE!. 


  • TPU foot cage and 360° rope-tec guard for protection and stability. 
  • The footbed has comfortable cushioning. 
  • Durable.


  • The heel feels high when these shoes are worn with high socks. 

5. ALTRA Men’s Solstice XT Cross Training Shoes

ALTRA Men’s Solstice XT Cross Training Shoes are the most comfortable shoes on our list! Let us tell you the secret behind comfort. The shape of these shoes matches our exact foot shape. These shoes have a wide toe box and zero heel drop. As a result, your heel does not rest higher than the toes when you wear these shoes. The equal level of heel and toe box makes it the most comfortable shoes. 

The outsole contains full rubber in its construction, so these shoes offer more grip. Moreover, the insole is 3mm high, so it supports your foot arch. Luckily, the midsole has EVA foam. So it makes these shoes breathable. Buy and try out these cross trainers HERE


  • Heel drop for more comfort.
  • Eva foam in the midsole.
  • Lightweight. 


  • Lesser support on the heel area. 

6. Mizuno Men’s Tf-01 Cross Training Shoes

Mizuno Men’s Tf-01 Cross Training Shoes make you feel like you are in total control. These cross training shoes for men give you a better feeling underfoot. The unique design channels the energy from your feet to the ground quickly. Thus, it gives you a better experience while exercising. There is a soft mesh on the upper to allow maximum breathability. 

Additionally, there is extra padding on the ankle-supporting area. As a result, your feet will be more supported. EVA footbed of these shoes enhances the comfort level. There is a midsole on the EVA for more cushioning and comfort. The outsole offers great grip due to the Mizuno C.O.B. Technology. So, do not wait; buy these super-cool shoes NOW


  • The outsoles have foot pods for better grip. 
  • External heel counter for a great foothold. 
  • Available in different colours. 


  • These may seem slippery on a wet road. 

7. New Balance Men’s Minimus 20 V7 Cross Trainer

If you are into dynamic workouts, you need a pair of cross trainers that are supportive and more secure. New Balance Men’s Minimus 20 V7 Cross Training Shoes offer you this support. These have nylon-infused yarn upper and mesh on either side. So, you end up having durability and breathability altogether. The ankle collar has an asymmetrical design. So, your feet fit naturally into these shoes. 

These cross training shoes for men have REVlite midsoles. These midsoles are shock absorbers. So your feet do not get fatigued after all the workouts and games. Have a look at these incredible pairs of cross-trainers


  • The rubber outsoles provide excellent grip. 
  • The footbeds have soft cushioning.
  • Asymmetrical collar for a comfortable fit. 


  • Go one size up if you have wider feet. 

8. Under Armour Men’s Speedform Feel Cross Trainer Sneakers

These Men’s shoes are dedicated to CrossFit and functional fitness style workouts. You can also wear these to your basketball or tennis matches. Although, these are specially designed for high-intensity workouts. These shoes have some unique features.

There is a plastic cup near the heel area, and it provides support. There is also a bump, or say, an outer layer near the heel area. It gives extra room for the fitting. Made from micro-G foam, the midsole allows a lot of responsiveness. This midsole and the rubber outsole are both sturdy. The outsole extends towards the midsole on the lateral and medial sides. This extended outsole allows extra grip when you are climbing over surfaces. 

You can buy these shoes just by clicking HERE


  • The mesh is 100% synthetic. 
  • Breathable and lightweight. 
  • Abrasion-resistant. 


  • Not as durable as expected. 

9. Nike Men’s Free TR-8 Sneakers

Another great pair of cross training shoes by Nike are the Free TR-8 Sneakers. The upper has a breathable mesh. Thus, no need to worry if you sweat a lot. The one-unit construction of the collar and the tongues lets you quickly get the shoes on and off. There is also a pull tag to help you with this. 

The footbed is cushioned to provide you with comfort as you run or do your workout. One great feature of its footbed is that its lower layer is antimicrobial. It means the footbed will keep your feet fresh even after intense exercising. 

The midsole of these Nike shoes is extremely flexible and shock-absorbing. There are rubber inlays and key areas in the outsole for enhanced stability and grip.

There are 6 different colors to choose from, have a look at them HERE


  • Dual-fusion midsole for stability and comfort. 
  • Rubber pods and the key areas on the outsole. 
  • A rounded toe box for natural fitting. 


  • The design and style are quite simple. 

10. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Rise 2 Cross Training Shoes

These cross trainers are accommodating shoes for different activities. If you want more agility, these UA HOVR Rise 2 shoes are perfect for you. It is because these shoes are very reactive and feel light on the feet. As a result, you can do more jumps or agility movements. 

These shoes are also great for day-to-day wear. The toebox is decently wide, and your foot will fit perfectly into it. Due to the HOVR technology, these shoes maintain your energy levels with the ground. So, you will not feel tired after wearing these for the whole day. The extended tongue and ankle collar provide more support. To choose from the 10 amazing colors of these sneakers, click HERE


  • Lightweight and breathable. 
  • Every part is abrasion-resistant. 
  • The outward outsole comes over the toe to prevent any breakdown. 


  • The heel is at a higher level than the toes. So, these shoes are not ideal for lifting heavy loads. 

How to Choose the Best Cross Training Shoes? (The Ultimate Buying Guide) 

Cross Training Shoes

Look for these features when you shop for cross training shoes. 

1. Construction

The construction of cross trainers determines the type of activity they will allow you to do. These are the main things you should consider while checking the construction. 

  • Upper: The upper must be breathable to allow maximum airflow. This feature is necessary for sports and workouts. If the upper has a mesh, it will not let your feet stay sweaty. 
  • Outsole: The outsole should be firmer so that it supports you during running or jumping. The outsole should also provide a grip so that you do not trip. 
  • Midsole: Choose those sneakers that have a flexible midsole. 
  • Insole: The insole must have soft cushioning to provide comfort to your feet. 

2. Fitting

If you are buying shoes for your daily running, you should choose one that fits you loosely. It is because your feet will swell over time. And then you will not be able to wear these shoes. 

But, if you want to buy shoes for workouts, you should go for more snug-fitting. Fit shoes will provide you more support. 

Moreover, you should buy sneakers with elevated heel areas if you want to do weightlifting.  

3. Arch Size

Arch size and shape contribute a lot to an athlete’s performance. It would be best if you buy shoes according to your arch size. Too high or too low arch shoes would lower your performance. 

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, Reebok Men’s Nano X Cross Trainers are the best cross training shoes for men. These shoes have a flexible forefoot and a firm heel. Both these add up the support and stability. Additionally, these shoes have excellent breathability due to the upper mesh material. These versatile shoes have split-up construction of the outsole. This unique design offers more stability and control. Who wouldn’t love to have this pair?